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What Does Maxine Waters Have To Do To Finally Get The Boot?

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Rep Louie Gohmert Writes 48 Page Report on Robert Mueller And WOW!

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Dude… I saw the video… I don’t know if it was him but it’s insane!. Thankfully, she was safe (barely). Eric Bellquist, an American investment banker, was arrested for suspicion of pushing a random woman into the road, missing it by inches. Here’s the problem, Bellquist was in the United States at the time this …

One witness said the van “has trampled people while crossing the traffic light.”

I kinda hate to be “that guy” — the guy who always points out a Liberal flaw when someone attacks a Conservative one but in this case…

It’s depressing enough when the regressive left plays this game. But when self-professed conservatives follow suit, we should really start to worry.

An organization founded by Margaret Sanger, a white supremacist and eugenicist