Suspect Trying To Abduct Bikini Barista Ends Up Leading Police Right To Him In Viral Video

A recent attempted abduction of a bikini-clad barista through a drive-through window in Auburn, Washington has sparked outrage among the local community.

The shocking incident occurred on Monday morning at the coffee shop called Beankini Espresso. A man at the drive-through ordered a drink before requesting change for a $5 bill. When the barista returned to give him the five one-dollar bills, he grabbed her arm and attempted to drag her out of the window.

Fortunately, the brave woman fought him off and set herself free. The suspect quickly sped off, leaving the dollar bills behind.

Police have since arrested the man, who has not been publicly identified. His vehicle was searched, and evidence linking him to the scene was found, as well as a unique "Chevrolet" tattoo on his left forearm. The suspect remains in police custody and has yet to be officially charged with anything.

The video posted online of the incident went viral and helped police find the alleged suspect.

The Beankini, a female-owned company, does put employee safety first. The shop is equipped with a silent panic button, metal doors, and surveillance cameras – plus, employees are allowed to carry mace and tasers.

The brave barista's quick thinking and courage is being praised by the community. Auburn Police Department spokesperson Kolby Crossley said: ‘They are in vulnerable positions because they’re usually controlling those spots by themselves at early hours in the morning when it’s dark outside. But this barista did an awesome job of protecting herself and fighting this person off.’

The bikini baristas are part of the attraction of the coffee shop. However, the victim said that this was a "random act" and most people are very respectful.


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