5-Year-Olds Forced Into ‘Diversity And Inclusion’ Indoctrination In Public Schools

When does calling for diversity and inclusion in our values and principles become a mandate? Most do not argue the idea that accepting people for who or what they are is helpful to building a kinder culture. But when do these ideas become a mandate?

Accepting someone for the color of their skin, religious ideology, or any other multitude of personal characteristics is understandable. However, when we forcibly begin to insist these ideas are the only way to think, don't we start to tell people that their values and ideas are wrong?

Adults are mature enough to handle adverse personalities as they relate to their values. But what happens when governments begin to enforce mandates on how educators teach our children about what they should value?

When we take a kindergarten kid and begin to write laws for a curriculum to teach them how they should think or feel, the mandate becomes manipulation. The diversity and inclusion law signed by New Jersey Governor Phil Murphy is such a manipulative assault on family values.

Any educated educator clearly appreciates how confusing our adult world ideas can be to a child. Unwinding the mysterious ways of the world is part of growing up. How can we even begin to imagine that an impressionable first-grader can grasp the idea that a man might envision himself to be a woman?

Certainly, there is a time for mature adults, maybe even as early as teenagers, to be exposed to the reality that there is diversity in personal thoughts, values, and ideas in our world. But for a grade school child to interpret skin color bias does nothing more than fuel the same differences these progressive diversity and inclusion programs purport to improve.

Diversity and inclusion would do well to target feelings instead of slaving to overturn our God-given right to formulate our own values and beliefs. When a call for diversity and inclusion begins to tell us these inherent rights are wrong, it's no longer diversity and inclusion but a form of indoctrination.

When this process is leveled against our children, it is even more disturbing. There is a cry of commonsense that is warning of an ill-advised trend towards altering the way people think. The unyielding methods used by the progressive agenda are not diversity and inclusion, but a not-so-subtle war against personal thought. It is indoctrination.

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