7 Celebrities Who Are Pushing Back Against Joe Biden’s Draconian Vaccine Mandates

We’re all far more accustomed to seeing Hollywood-types walk in lockstep with the liberal ideology. However, there is a wisp of fresh air blowing from Tinseltown. The Joe Biden administration continues to threaten thousands of American citizens with various mandatory vaccine mandates, or else. At least a dozen celebrities are pushing back.

The list includes a few rather surprising names. The idea that anyone from Hollywood would stand and be counted against the radical progressive left is surprising in its own right. Famous celebrities such as Olivia Newton John and Kirstie Alley insist that their medical decisions should be their own.

Talented musicians echo this pair of decorated actresses’ feelings. M.I.A and Offset both insist that they are not anti-vaxxers. Nevertheless, both were quoted as being adamantly against the growing number of vaccine mandates being leveled on our nation.

Many other talented celebrities voiced a similar concern. Some openly question why there has been virtually zero discussion addressing the viability of natural immunity. It’s a vital topic that seems to be taboo, but why?

Other stars, like actor Rob Schneider, still have serious questions about the safety of the vaccine itself. Nicki Minaj has been attacked for questioning COVID vaccine safety after a cousin suffered serious side effects from the jab.

Chet Hanks, the son of Tom Hanks and Rita Wilson, was somewhat more colorful. Hanks plastered a graphic tweet across social media that attacked everything from unnecessary vaccines to his loathing of masks. Anytime the predominately liberal celebrity class of America pushes back, regular everyday folks should feel vindicated.

For once, even our country’s elite class of celebrities has an issue with American freedoms being overrun. It’s refreshing to see celebrities push back against Biden’s Draconian vaccine mandates. We need more people to follow this example.

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