7-Year-Old Girl Reported Missing — Two Years After She Was Last Seen

There are thousands of unsolved cases; dead end criminal investigations, including missing persons. Some are more mysterious than others. However, one case involving a missing seven-year-old girl is as baffling as any.

The mysteriousness of this case isn’t so much that the child is missing; it’s when the report was filed. A New Hampshire child disappeared on October 19, 2019. Manchester Police didn’t find out about her disappearance, one week later, one month later, not even one year later.

An official missing person case was not triggered until more than 2-years had passed since Harmony Montgomery supposedly disappeared. Detectives from the Manchester Police Department have been intensely dedicated to this case since finally being made aware of it.

The COVID-19 pandemic played a role in why no report was ever filed. The last known encounter with Harmony was during a police call to her father’s home. According to reports, multiple family members lived at the address.

It was Harmony’s uncle, Kevin Montgomery, who made the call. He said that his nephew, Harmony’s father, was trying to force his way into the residence. Kevin sensed something was wrong with his niece. He said she seemed distant and fearful of something.

However, nothing ever came of the incident. Shortly afterward, Harmony’s father severed all ties with the family. All of Harmony’s relatives were also blocked on social media. A few short months later, the pandemic hit.

For the last two years, relatives assumed Harmony was with whomever she was supposed to be living with. Evidently, she was not. Manchester Police Chief Allen D. Aldenberg pleaded for help from the community.

“Somewhere out there, this little girl is in need of help, and that's our job,” the chief said. When he was asked how something like this could take over two years to surface, Chief Aldenberg insisted he was as baffled as anyone.

Aldenberg said, “It's a question I've asked, that hopefully at some point along this I get an answer to.” He lamented how hard the investigation is because the department is “two years behind the power curve.” Any investigation into evidence and helpful leads has been frozen for two years.

Harmony is a white female with blonde hair and blue eyes. She is reported to be around 4 feet tall and weighs approximately 50 pounds. Her last known registered school was a kindergarten in Massachusetts. Massachusetts is where Harmony’s mother lived.

The tip line number for any evidence about Harmony Montgomery is (603-203-6060). There is currently a $2,500 reward for information through the Manchester Police Department, plus two area businesses have added an additional $10,000.

How Harmony ended up in the custody of her father is unknown and unverified. Detectives are assuming that Harmony is still alive. Her mother, Crystal Sorey, obviously agrees. Sorey posted pictures of Harmony on Facebook. However, the post has since been deleted.

Along with the photographs of the missing child, Sorey wrote, “HARMONY MOMMYS COMING FOR YOU I PROMISE & I WILL NEVER LET YOU GO!!!! HANG ON BABY!” The 7-year-old has a brother, Jamison, who was adopted. Jamison frequently asks his adoptive parents about his sister.

When the Jamison’s adoptive parents ask Sorey about Harmony, she insists that the child lives with her father in New Hampshire. However, no one has had any contact with him since Harmony disappeared. Missing child cases are agonizing.

They are traumatic for the parents, family members, and the community. This case has local law enforcement concerned even more. It’s not the fact that they are searching for a missing child; it’s the unanswered question about why it took so long for them to be made aware.


Harmony's father, Adam Montgomery, 31, was arrested on one charge of felony second-degree assault allegedly against Harmony in 2019, according to a statement from New Hampshire Attorney General John Formella’s office.

Adam Montgomery also faces a misdemeanor charge of interference with custody and two misdemeanor charges of endangering the welfare of a child.


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