A Teenager Saw an American Flag on the Ground...He Didn't Just Walk Away (VIDEO)

I think it's fair to say that in recent times, the most patriotic time of our nation where people were proud to be an American came right after 9/11.

That was a moment in time when our country really did come together, probably for the first time since World War II to care for one another and to faithfully represent our nation and what it stood for.

Today, you have idiot liberals and thugs like Antifa that want to completely destroy our country and start their own anarchist communities.

While this is depressing for sure, not everyone feels this way, not even all of the youth.

Recently, a teenage boy was walking his dog walked by someone's house and saw that that person's American flag had blown down and was lying on the ground. The boy, knowing the right thing to do, did it and returned the flag.

The boy folded the flag and placed it on the doorstep of the man along with a note that stated what happened.

Credit: Chris Rose

"I had come home and saw, 'Oh no my flag's fallen down' and then I couldn't see it anywhere. So at that time I looked at my porch and saw that someone had picked it. I was thankful that they had actually picked it up, and then noticed there was a note on it," the homeowner said.

"I just hope he knows that we appreciate the younger generation not just being about iPads and cellphones and things like that. That they actually care about our country also," he said.

The video is set up to where it won't actually play on this page, so you'll have to follow the link below to go and watch it on YouTube yourself, but it's definitely worth the watch. It really is good to see that there are still people like this out there and my hope is that they continue to grow into a number that overwhelms this nation so that we have a hard time finding the low-lifes who would disrespect our flag and our country.


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