AG Merrick Garland and FBI Director Chris Wray Hold Press Conference on ‘Significant National Security Cases’ Two Weeks Before Midterms

The word corruption has a tiered definition. None of them are good. Corruption is “the act of being corrupted” or “the state of being corrupt.” The common definition of the word concludes with “decay; rot.”

This latter explanation aptly fits the current state of affairs within U.S. federal law enforcement agencies. Both the FBI and the Department of Justice (DOJ) have been corrupted. Each agency suffers from internal decay. They’re rotting at their core.

What’s most notable is that America’s democracy cannot withstand the corrupting of its vital federal law enforcement agencies. More than any other federal entity in our government, these two critical bodies must remain politically bipartisan. They are not.

The liberal left has infested the upper levels of leadership in both agencies. The president appoints the U.S. Attorney General; top position at the DOJ. Joe Biden selected a disgruntled liberal, a person “with failed aspirations” as a possible Supreme Court nominee.

Merrick Garland thinks that conservatives stole his opportunity. He hates Republicans for it. He may not come right and admit it, but it’s obvious. Garland must have been salivating at the possibility of being named the highest ranking law enforcement officer in the country.

Since he took over as Biden’s compromised attorney general, Garland’s agenda has been crystal clear. He has attacked conservatives with an unrelenting bias. Garland has targeted concerned parents as domestic terrorists.

His office has used back channels to intimidate social media platforms into censoring free speech. As attorney general, Garland has continued the assault on President Donald Trump. Most recently, the U.S. Attorney General’s office has attacked peaceful protesters.

Pro-life supporters have been arrested for sitting on the ground, while the DOJ makes no attempt to bring radical leftists to justice. Pro-abortion activists have bombed Christian parenting centers, but no one has been arrested.

Both the FBI and DOJ are willing accomplices in the criminal attacks on innocent Americans. Hundreds of January 6 protesters remain in jail, most guilty of nothing more than misdemeanor trespassing. House Democrats and federal law enforcement are persecuting innocent citizens.

The abuse of power by federal law enforcement is the worst in U.S. history. In 2020, the FBI and DOJ have been exposed for trying to influence the narrative ahead of the November election. They hinted, with consequences we’re certain, that social media should censor certain speech.

It worked. An election-changing revelation about a presidential candidate’s son would have changed the outcome. However, the Hunter Biden laptop story was buried. It was buried on purpose. It was buried at the staunch recommendation of the FBI.

FBI and DOJ policy insists that these two agencies strive to avoid controversy ahead of an election. They’ve violated their own policies multiple times over the last four election cycles. They fabricated a fake Russia collusion hoax to try to sway the 2016 election.

Both departments avoided any serious investigations into election fraud during the 2020 election. The list goes on and on. And now, right in line with their tendency to manipulate voters’ minds right before they head to the polls, the DOJ is at it again.

Garland held a live press conference. The U.S. Attorney General says he would reveal “significant national security cases addressing malign influence schemes and alleged criminal activity by a nation-state actor in the United States.”

Not only is the timing oddly suspicious, it violates DOJ internal policy to maintain a non-partisan profile so close to an election. This is another attempt by a corrupted federal law enforcement agency to manipulate the narrative ahead of voters heading to the polls.

Garland isn’t the only one in on this scheme. At the press conference, FBI Director Chris Wray, Deputy Attorney General Lisa Monaco, and Assistant Attorney General for National Security Matthew Olsen joined Garland. This is a cabal of crooks manipulating an upcoming election.

The left is the one manipulating the upcoming election, no one else.

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