AMAZING! President of Tanzania Sends Samples of Sheep, Goats, Trees, Fruit, and Car Oil for COVID-19 Testing - The Results Are In

At this point, I'm just going to say don't believe anything that you hear from the World Health Organization regarding the coronavirus. In fact, I'd say don't believe them regarding anything at this point because they obviously have an agenda and are working in tandem with China.

President of Tanzania John Magufuli has been questioning the WHO for a while as many of us have. It also happens to be that President Magufuli is a chemist. He decided to do some investigating of his own.

What President Magufuli did was send several samples from various items such as goats, sheep, rabbits, even car oil and sent them off to be tested for coronavirus. The results will definitely shock you.

President Magufuli announced the results,

"We took samples from goats. We sent samples from sheeps. We took samples from pawpaws. We sent samples from car oil. And we took samples from other different things. And we took the samples to the laboratory without them knowing. And we even named all the samples.

Like the sample of car oil. We named it Jabil Hamza, 30 years old, male. The results came back negative. When we took a sample from a Jackfruit (Durian) we named it Sarah Samuel, 45 years old, female. The results came back inconclusive.

When we took samples from a Pawpaw we named it Elizabeth Ane, 26 years old, female. The result from the Pawpaw came back positive that it has corona. That means the liquid from a pawpaw is positive.

We took samples from (a bird) called Kware. The results came back positive. We took samples from a rabbit. The results came back undeterminent. We took samples from a goat and the results came back positive. We took samples from a sheep and it came back negative and so on and so on.

And so now you see this you have taken samples and the results come back positive and they have the corona. That means all the pawpaws should be in isolation also… The goat should be in isolation also."

There you have it. So we already know that the death rates aren't nearly as high as what they're being made out to be, now we can be fairly confident that the total number of cases aren't as high as they're made out to be either.

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