AMERICA LAST: Biden Regine Decides to Pay Enemies Instead of Employing Americans

There’s a lot of talk about how America is divided. Experts and political pundits point to a number of things that they say are dividing our country. Many of these things are ideological disagreements.

While the debate is often contentious, these differences probably won’t undermine national security or our democracy as a whole. However, there’s one difference that could destroy the nation quicker than any other. It’s the debate over national sovereignty.

U.S. sovereignty is at odds with the push for a global world order. One part of U.S. sovereignty is through diplomacy. There are also countless policy decisions that are designed to help protect it. National sovereignty matters to America.

But there is one immediate threat that could undermine U.S. national sovereignty faster than anything else. It’s the key reason the “Make America Great Again” ideology became so popular. We must take care of ourselves first, before we can take care of anyone else.

“America First” is critical to making Make America Great a reality. The recent energy crisis caused by Joe Biden’s attacks on the fossil fuel industry is a glaring example of how the global elites want to undermine and destroy the America First concept.

A country that cannot provide for its own energy needs is highly vulnerable. That vulnerability is even more dangerous when that energy reliance is handed over to governments that would do the U.S. harm.

Venezuela is one of those countries. As Americans watched our short-lived period of energy independence evaporates, we’ve also watched as Joe Biden begs other countries to increase their fossil fuel production.

This is possibly one of the single-most destructive policies ever adopted by a presidential administration. Some believe Biden is doing it on purpose. Joe Biden has sucked the U.S. national petroleum reserves down to dangerous levels.

He’s begged Saudi Arabia to ramp up petroleum production. They laughed in his face. Now, Biden has turned south to Venezuela. Venezuela is a dictatorship. They do not like the United States. Venezuela has grown ever closer to Communist China.

These are dangerous bed partners. Why would an administration entrust our energy needs to such a country? It’s because it meets their globalist agenda. The Biden administration’s policies are not designed to Make America First.

They’re focused on making America last. Biden’s recent greenlight to Chevron is a stark example. The Biden administration just reversed restrictions used by the Trump administration to oust socialist dictator Nicolás Maduro.

Instead of opening up the wealth of U.S. energy reserves within our borders, Biden is allowing expanded drilling in an adversarial nation. He’s helping fill the piggybank of a third-world dictator. This isn’t how a president makes his country great again.

This recent decision will continue to push the nation farther away from energy independence. Worst of all, it increases U.S. energy reliance on countries that we shouldn’t be doing business with. It’s a horrible policy.

As with everything else Joe Biden does, he’s not trying to put America First. Joe Biden and the radical left are putting America last. It’s not an accident, either. If you can destroy national sovereignty, you will eventually destroy the nation.

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