Antifa Terrorist Cries Like a Baby While Police Pin Her Down and Arrest Her Violent Riots in Portland (VIDEO)

The terrorists in Portland put on a front like they're the toughest thing around. But when it comes time to get dealt with by police for being a criminal they turn into even more of a child.

One Antifa militant ended up crying like a little baby when she was taken down by police and arrested while rioting in Portland.

In the video below, you can see that her face is bloodied, but that's not because of the police. It's because she's an idiot and jumped out of an ambulance after she was arrested.

The woman was identified as Natalie van Norman. She is the sister of Olivia van Norman who was also arrested the night before. And just like we've been seeing with every riot, they are not from Portland. They actually come from about 1000 miles away down in Redondo Beach, CA.

Harmeet Dhillon tweeted, “You think she’s crying now…. wait till she finds out about federal prosecutors and their charging decisions.”

According to the police report, her arrest was one of many that were made:

After rocks were thrown at officers, an unlawful assembly was declared at the Portland Police Association offices in North Portland, and numerous arrests were made.

On Friday, September 4, 2020 at about 9:45p.m., a march began from Kenton Park at 8417 North Brandon Avenue. Many of the marchers wore gear suggesting that they were not planning to be peaceful, including helmets, gas masks, armored clothing, and some carried shields. About 10 minutes later, as they arrived at the offices of the Portland Police Association (PPA) in the 1800 Block of North Lombard Street, many in the crowd were chanting, among other things, "burn it down."

The PPA office has been the target of arsonists several times in the last few months. Officers have been forced to react quickly when fires get started, increasing the necessity of utilizing crowd control munitions to move the crowd back. Increasing concern is the hot and dry weather, which could allow a fire to spread faster in the building and the neighborhood homes that are situated in close proximity. That prompted a plan to proactively prevent fires from being started. Officers stood at the perimeter of the building to prevent the demonstrators from accessing the PPA office.

Another concern was the safety of protesters blocking the streets and of drivers operating vehicles in the area. As the crowd arrived, the Portland Police Bureau (PPB) broadcast announcements over loudspeaker that North Lombard Street was open to vehicular traffic and that they should stay out of the street and off of private property.


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