ANTIFA Thug Goes Viral After What He Did to His Own Grandma

Recently, an ANTIFA punk went viral after he filed a complaint against his landlord after they tracked to see if he had received his stimulus check and then upon finding out that he did get it, demanded he pay his rent.

He's so cool, right? Fighting the system of anti-fascism. There's one problem though. He left out a very important detail. The lawsuit is against his own grandmother.

Initially, the thug received all kinds of support and sympathy for the situation because his landlord had left him feeling "overwhelmingly violated and vulnerable".

He received an outpouring of sympathy for his situation after filing the lawsuit in Oregon on April 22. The complaint said that the actions of his landlord left him “feeling overwhelmingly violated and vulnerable.”

Goodrich was demanding that his grandmother waive all rent due until the end of his lease on June 30, waive all due and past-due amounts, return his security deposit and give him an excellent rental reference. Since she did not respond to his absurd requests, he filed a lawsuit.

Goodrich tweeted that his landlord had text him hours after he received his stimulus money asking whether he planned to use it to pay rent.

However, the defendant is not only his grandmother and landlord — she is also his tax preparer.

Here is a video of him at a college even of Republicans who were hosting a conservative blogger named Michael Strickland. Goodrich was there with a bell and just kept ringing it and cursing the whole time. But this is what these idiots do. They claim to be against fascism but they must not have any idea of what fascism really is because what they do by silencing people and inciting violence is the very definition what fascism. They are forcibly silencing those who disagree with them.

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