Antifa Thugs in Full Blown Panic Mode After Learning Some Bad News

There is a profoundly unfair double standard of justice in the United States. Events of the past two to three years have further exposed what has existed for a long time. This double standard is disproportionately applied to political protests and activists.

The radical left is treated far differently than conservatives. The persecution of “stop the steal” protesters from January 6, 2021, is a glaring example. Many of these President Trump supporters are still in jail awaiting trial. Most are guilty of little more than misdemeanor trespass.

It’s not what they did, but who they supported. These people remain in jail, but riotous BLM and ANTIFA militants continue to spew violence.

These are not protesters. They are radical militants. BLM and ANTIFA couldn’t care less about the causes they claim to support.

They use any type of social disagreement or political debate to riot. They are thugs and thieves who promote anarchy. But their destructive ways may be catching up with them. To date, most of these militant activist groups’ activities have been ignored.

Liberal politicians, and other Democrat Party supporters, have raised bail money for the rare few who get arrested. Invariably, most of the charges against these thugs are dropped. One group of protesters, most of who were peaceful, is still in jail.

Another culprit in this double standard of justice is big tech. Big tech relentlessly censors and flags conservatives. Facebook has banned posts from people who did little more than suggest they’d invite whomever they wanted to their house during senseless COVID restrictions.

However, activist militants such as BLM and ANTIFA are permitted to solicit violence and post whatever threatening messages they want. But a recent American News story reveals an interesting twist in one organization’s ability to avoid prosecution.

Alissa Azar is currently facing felony riot and assault charges in Portland. She is trying to warn her fellow militants to stop discussing activities on social media. Azar is stressing that these radicals must revert to “in-person communications only.”

For a group that has essentially been able to avoid legal ramifications of their violent agenda, why would they suddenly need to “go silent on social media?” It appears that Facebook is starting to look out for their own legal culpability in these violent riots.

The FBI wants all personal messages and emails from anyone involved with these violent militants, especially those from Azar’s Portland group. Despite hundreds of radical activists being able to avoid prosecution, law enforcement is beginning to crack down.

Azar tweeted, “Activists in the Willamette Valley have recently been notified via their Facebook emails that Facebook has complied with a law enforcement request for information regarding their Facebook messages and activity.”

The violent extremist, who says she’s also a journalist, is encouraging ANTIFA members to use encrypted chat channels. Azar cautions that private, personal conversations are the best method for these radicals to plan their violent attacks.

Just like the rest of her radical anarchist friends, Alissa Azar promotes violence. She has used bear mace on peaceful conservative protesters. Reportedly, this creep generates over $20,000 in subscription fees on her “OnlyFans” account. But maybe the jig is up.

Seeing a major social media platform comply with law enforcement is a welcome development. Now, we need prosecutors to make an example of these thugs. Maybe this is a solid first step towards stopping the violence these thugs have relied upon. It’s about time.

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