Arizona GOP Prepares to Nab Election Fraudsters with BRILLIANT Solution

Liberals refuse to accept the obvious facts about the 2020 presidential election. Why wouldn’t they continue to insist that anyone questioning the election results is a conspiracy theorist? The liberal left’s boy won. But Joe Biden cheated to win, and the evidence is overwhelming.

Arizona was just one state where conservative patriots uncovered a wealth of evidence of voter fraud. The Yuma County Sheriff and Yuma County Recorder have opened a series of new investigations.

Authorities are investigating a wide range of cases, including impersonation fraud, false registrations, duplicate voting, and fraudulent use of absentee ballots. But Republican lawmakers in Arizona aren’t satisfied with digging into the cheating and corruption from 2020.

The Arizona GOP is looking ahead to the critical midterm elections coming up in November. To thwart the radical leftist agenda of Joe Biden, Republicans must win back control of Congress. After watching what happened in 2020 to President Trump, the GOP isn’t taking any chances.

The first election they are targeting is the upcoming Arizona Primary on August 2. The Arizona GOP is offering five $50,000 rewards for evidence of vote-buying in the primary. Five patriots will be eligible for one reward for each tip, leading to an arrest and conviction.

The Arizona GOP press release statement reads: “Unfortunately, the movement towards mass mail-in voting completely undoes the secret ballot reform. A mail-in ballot is not secret. Once a person has a ballot at their home, they can easily show it to anyone, including bad actors willing to pay them to vote for a specific candidate.”

There are already concerns about mail-in ballot fraud ahead of August 2. The Arizona GOP tried to sue to ban unconstitutional drop boxes and no-excuse mail-in voting. However, corrupt leftist judges, clearly in the back pocket of liberal Secretary of State Katie Hobbs, threw the suits out.

But the GOP refuses to back down. They are offering patriotic citizens a substantial sum of money to “speak out if they see corruption and cheating.” It’s going to happen. That’s the only way the left can win. If this helps to secure the Arizona election, maybe other states will follow.

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