Arizona Judge’s “Drop Box Camera Ruling” Gives Election Cheaters Free Rein!

Widespread fraud corrupted the 2020 presidential election. Democrats used a number of dishonest strategies to steal the election. The corrupt mainstream media and big tech manipulated the news cycle and censored critical information made available to voters.

But those weren’t the only crooked tactics Democrats used to cheat. Democrat-run election boards circumvented state laws to open a window of opportunity for widespread fraud. Mail-in ballots were sent to dead people. Voter identification requirements were often ignored.

Voter registration rolls were purposefully manipulated to allow for the counting of illegal ballots. But one of the biggest scams Democrats used was the pandemic-related push for mail-in voting. This was an open-ended opportunity to alter the authentic election results with fake ballots.

Election integrity organizations have revealed thousands of hours of startling drop box video surveillance that exposes widespread cheating. “Mules” or Democrat ballot box stuffers were recorded dumping armloads of illegal ballots into drop boxes.

Despite the blatant evidence of election law violations and obvious cheating, many state legislators failed to act. It’s as if they want to cheat the American voter, and they don’t care if everyone knows they’re cheating.

Arizona video surveillance recorded some of the worst ballot box stuffing scams in the country. On one video, four or five women stuffed hundreds of ballots at three different drop box locations. Clearly, these “mules” were in a rush.

For some reason, they didn’t want to get caught. These cheaters had the process down to a science. The women handed ballots to one another like in a relay race. Knowing they were on camera, this is one of the most brazen examples of election fraud recorded.

But have Arizona’s lawmakers worked to implement security measures to prevent this blatant cheating? No, they have not. In fact, a leftist Arizona judge has ordered a ban on drop box surveillance cameras. We’re not kidding.

Thousands of hours of footage prove that Democrats stuffed ballot drop boxes. Why can’t a court see the need for security at these easily exploitable locations? This is clearly an open window of opportunity to cheat. Why would a judge allow an election to be manipulated?

If you’re doing nothing wrong, why would there be an issue with having it monitored? This isn’t a situation that involves video surveillance being an invasion of privacy. Camera surveillance of ballot drop boxes is specifically to ensure safe and secure elections. They prevent cheating.

Banning surveillance of drop box locations gives election cheaters free rein. It’s not only a bad ruling, it appears to be purposeful. These are the types of liberal strategies that destroy voter trust in election integrity. It undermines our democracy. But that’s what the left wants, right?

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