Biden and Harris Ignore Border While Toddlers Dumped at Border Overnight in Blazing Hot Desert (VIDEO)

It's no secret, at least among those who look beyond CNN and MSNBC for their news, that the southern U.S. border is in crisis.

Given the green light by the Biden administration, the migrants from Mexico, Honduras (home base of the infamous MS-13 gang) and other Central American countries are making their way into the United States with "help" from heartless coyotes and cartels.

Unfortunately, children are among those being smuggled over the border. Although Kamala Harris was chosen to head up the handling of the border crisis, the vice president has yet to visit the crowded, inhumanely operated makeshift facilities designed to hold what were once considered illegal immigrants.

If she did, Harris might discover heartbreaking scenes similar to those experienced by ranchers living along the border. A farmer recently found five young girls, all under the age of seven, huddled on his ranch, one of them naked.

Farmers Jimmy and Katie Hobbs shared the story of their sad discovery, along with gut-wrenching photos of the abandoned little girls. The couple fed and cared for the frightened little girls before sharing their plea for President Biden's help on social media.

@damarisgalvanoliv4 little girls and and infant found alone in a farm in southwest Texas after being illegally crossed thru the border of the Rio Grande #bordercrisis♬ original sound - Damaris Galvan Oliva

America should be ashamed that they've allowed these two bumbling idiots to run this country. They have no idea what they're doing and in many cases, they aren't doing anything at all to try and fix the problems that we have.

I can say with 100% honesty that four months into the Biden administration, we are not better than we were under President Trump, not by a long shot. We are far worse, but it looks like we're going to have to endure for 4 years.

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