Biden Back to “Playing the Blame Game” as He Demands Gas Stations Fix His Screw Up

The liberal ideology enjoys blaming others for the problems that their policies cause. A radical movement to strip law enforcement of critical funds and dismantle police forces backfired. As progressive Democrats demonized law enforcement, thousands of police officers chose to quit.

The result has been an alarming spike in crime across the nation. But although Democrats are the ones who created the crime wave, they look to blame everyone else for the problem. The same scenario resulted when progressive spending policies sent the nation into a recession.

Biden’s spend-happy policies triggered 40-year highs for inflation. Eventually, the economy overheated, and the U.S. is now in the early stages of a recession. But what do Democrats say? They either insist that there isn’t a recession or that inflation is up “just an inch.”

Joe Biden proclaimed that his chaotic and cowardly withdrawal from Afghanistan was successful. All Americans need to do is “roll the tape” to see that Biden’s hasty and ill-advised exodus from Afghanistan was a mitigated disaster. It was Biden’s fault, but he shifted the blame.

This type of denying and or blaming someone else is the trademark strategy of the Biden administration. When gas prices started to steadily climb, it was initially the fault of the oil industry. Soon, Biden had another convenient scapegoat.

When Vladimir Putin invaded Ukraine, gas prices that had already been out of control for months were labeled the “Putin Price Hike.” Putin was even blamed for inflation. Again, every problem created by this administration’s horrible policies is someone else’s fault.

Gas prices gradually fell from their record highs. However, prices at the pump are still far higher than they were when “clueless Joe” took office. As soon as Biden began his assault on fossil fuels, energy costs across the board began to rise.

They hit an all-time high before they gradually leveled off. Nevertheless, gas prices are still gouging away at Americans’ wallets. This is something people can see with their own eyes every time they fill up their cars. But Biden is now doubling down on the “blame game.”

His recent comments targeted the oil and gas industry. Biden virtually threatened private businesses if they didn’t lower prices. The same person who’s responsible for high gas prices in the first place, is now targeting the companies he burdened with oppressive regulations.

Biden exclaimed, “Do it now. Do it now. Not a month from now. Do it now.” The CEO of Captjur, Bob Bilbruck, spoke to The New York Post. But as usual, Biden is clueless. Bilbruck stressed that gas stations work on small margins.

He said they are under “constant competitive pressures from the station next door to keep their prices competitive.” He went on to explain why gas prices aren’t budging. Bilbruck told The Post, “You have less drilling going on and less oil and gas being refined, so prices go up.”

Biden administration policies have handcuffed America’s oil and gas industry. He’s the reason Americans are paying nearly double the price for a gallon of gas than they did a few months ago. But sure enough, clueless Joe has an excuse.

It’s the same for every destructive policy and decision this administration makes. It’s never their fault. They’ve got blood on their hands for every murder on an American city street. They have egg on their face from the Afghanistan debacle. It’s the old-fashioned blame game.

Little children do it when they’re caught red-handed doing something wrong. Someone else either did it, or it is someone else’s fault. Blaming others is a childish excuse. But then again, as we watch clueless Joe try to talk, maybe he’s more like a child than we realize.

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