Biden Dispersing Migrant Children Across Country Using Sneaky Middle-of-the-Night Flights

During the successful Presidency of Donald Trump, the U.S. southern border was growing increasingly more secure. The Trump administration was pressing forward in building an essential border wall. The framework was for this critical piece of national security.

Policies were put in place to deter illegal migrants from making a dangerous journey towards the United States border. Those with bona fide claims for asylum were treated with compassion. Those trying to avoid U.S. immigration rules were told to go home.

Questionable claims were required to remain in Mexico. It was a simple and successful policy that made our U.S. southern border safer against unauthorized migrant crossings, plus curbed the wave of illegal drugs killing Americans.

With a black magic marker, Joe Biden uprooted every inch of progress we had made. It has been both a national security crisis and a humanitarian catastrophe. While hundreds of thousands of illegal migrants have poured into our country, Joe Biden has insisted the border is secure and closed.

It is not. Pictures and statistics do not lie. There have been an ever-increasing number of illegal border crossings every month since Biden took office. His border policy has been a total failure. Some believe it is not a policy blunder at all, but a targeted goal of this administration.

Joe Biden and his liberal cronies in the Democrat Party are trying to change the voting demographic of the United States. It is a corrupt ambition that is now becoming even more obvious. What better way to accomplish this goal than to allow millions of illegal migrants into the country.

Then, give them a bunch of free stuff and allow them to vote. Documented statistics and actual video footage uncover a sneaky plot being perpetrated on American citizens. Hundreds of illegal migrants are being flown into New York and Florida during the wee-hours.

The White House deflects from the obvious with a bogus excuse that these are unaccompanied minors being reunited with family members or vetted sponsors. Do all family members and supposedly vetted sponsors live in New York or Florida?

What kinds of places are other illegal migrants being dumped, cities and small towns, where hardworking journalists have not been able to uncover? There are also reports that not all these “late-night, early-flight” passengers are unaccompanied minors.

In true form, the White Press Secretary gave one of her trademark smug answers. Jen Psaki was asked about these “middle-of-the-night-flights”. Psaki spouted, “Well, here – we are talking about early flights – earlier than you might like to take a flight”.

Seriously, this is the White House’s reply after being busted by reporters for flooding our country with illegal migrants in the middle of the night? This, like the Biden border policy, is a sham. There are even more questions surrounding these mystery, late-night flights.

Are these supposed children all flying with masks on, or are they magically all COVID negative? If so, where are the test results for these children, since the Biden administration insists a vast majority of them are underage minors and could not have been vaccinated?

Two of the flights in question landed at the Westchester, New York airport at 2:12 a.m. and 4:29 a.m. Maybe the Biden administration is getting a traveler discount for packing these “earl-flights”. We think something else is afoot.

It’s clear that Joe Biden knows the American people will revolt at a policy to disperse thousands of illegal migrants into our communities. Americans believe in an immigration process, not a government-fueled wave of illegal entries.

It’s time Joe Biden is called to the carpet about his purposeful southern border policy. Our border is not closed. The southern U.S. border is wide open, and it’s by design. Sneaky, middle-of-the-night-flights prove it’s something Joe Biden is trying to hide.

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