Biden/Harris Open Border Policy is Really an International Human Trafficking Scheme (VIDEO)

More illegal border crossings have happened under the Joe Biden/Kamala Harris administration than any other in the history of the U.S. The wave of illegal migrants spewing across our southern border is astonishing. These are reported encounters.

The estimates of “gotaways,” border violators who were not caught, are anywhere between 500,000 and a few million. Joe Biden’s open border policy is flooding America with millions of illegal migrants. But his administration continues to insist the border is secure.

It is not. The evidence is overwhelming. The false narrative coming out of the mouths of Biden’s appointed border clown show isn’t fooling most Americans. Even the “head border clown,” Kamala Harris, is doing absolutely nothing. That’s the true Biden border policy.

Do nothing but insist that you are. Most of the border encounters are “economic migrants,” people suffering from unfortunate circumstances, but illegal migrants who do not qualify for asylum. These types of people make up the vast majority of those seeking entry.

So, why are they being permitted to stay? Why are these people making such a treacherous journey without a guaranteed entry into the U.S.? It’s because there is an unspoken guarantee that Joe Biden is going to let them stay.

A Conservative Spanish Talk Show Host, George Rodriguez, interviewed hundreds of illegal border crossers. What Rodriquez’s interviews revealed was a human trafficking scheme defined by Biden/Harris border policies.

Despite being dropped off all over the United States, these illegal migrants are being given handouts. There is also no VISA requirement for entry into the U.S. Virtually every migrant interviewed could only speak Spanish.

These people are poorly educated and impoverished. Nearly 100 percent of the illegal migrants being allowed into America lack any vocational skills. Assimilation into American culture will be more than just challenging.

It’s going to be essentially impossible. Why would an administration allow millions of people who will be like an anchor on the nation’s resources to come? What type of sick government would actually encourage people to make a dangerous journey to essentially leave them homeless?

This is not some kind of policy mistake. There isn’t anything accidental about the Biden/Harris border policy. It is a radical scheme by the progressive left to permanently alter America’s cultural demographics. Joe Biden’s liberal-driven open border policy is a political ploy.

Democrats hope to flood the U.S. with millions of illegal migrants. Soon, legislative steps will be taken to allow these non-citizens the right to vote in our nation’s cherished elections. Progressive policies will give these people handout after handout.

Being poorly educated and largely illiterate, they will not be able to appreciate the problems that trouble our country. These illegal migrants, gifted with the right to vote, will blindly elect Democrats. These non-citizens will not comprehend who or what they are voting for.

As the radically progressive wing of the Democrat Party takes control of every facet of our government, they will launch their socialist agenda. A form of communism will be the new reality. America as a free and democratic democracy will be destroyed. This is not an ideology.

This is a purposeful scheme. Illegal migrants making the dangerous journey to the U.S. are being lured by idle promises. This is international human trafficking designed to permanently change the U.S. It is a humanitarian crisis. Furthermore, this fiasco is a federal crime.

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