Biden Insults Americans for Being Upset About Recession

Watching the most abysmal performance by any U.S. presidential administration unfold, the liberal left has a new strategy to deflect criticism. When Americans are concerned about the direction of the country as a result of bad policies, we are labeled as "spoiled or ungrateful."

Either that, or Americans are told what they see as troublesomely real isn’t real at all. The southern border isn’t a chaotic, humanitarian crisis. What Americans see with their own eyes isn’t what’s actually happening. The border is secure. But it’s not.

They even used this “alternate universe reality” to say that the now “full-blown U.S. recession” isn’t really a recession. However, these clowns have an insatiable desire to cast blame back on the American people for their failing policies.

They’ve used the “shame game” to make Americans feel like they’re the problem when it comes to historically high gas prices. Transportation Secretary Pete Buttigieg thinks the American people should see this as a “welcome burden,” part of a patriotic transition.

If you can’t afford $65,000 for a new electric vehicle, shame on you! As food prices climb higher and higher, White House economic advisor Brian Deese scolded Americans for being so self-entitled and rudely ungrateful that we’re spending an arm and a leg to keep food on the table.

Using a characteristic smug tone, Deese proclaimed, “At least you’re not starving to death!” What an insensitive slob! But the top prize for total insensitivity to the plight of the everyday American came from the head clown himself.

Joe Biden proclaimed that Americans should stop complaining about the highest U.S. inflation rate in over 40 years. The fellow, who can’t remember what political office he’s running for or what state he’s in, said Americans need to be reminded.

We need to be reminded that “The Big Guy” sent us a check for $8,000 last year. Silence, you ungrateful ingrates! Okay, foremost, there was NO check to anyone for $8,000. A family with multiple children might have accumulated that amount across “three COVID relief checks”.

There were no $8,000 checks written by “the big guy”. Another fact that slipped sleepy Joe’s mind must have been that President Trump had sent the first and most critical relief checks. The Biden administration piggybacked on the coattails of legislation that was already proposed.

The third round of stimulus checks, which many experts believe were unnecessary, is said to be hugely responsible for the out-of-control inflation we’re enduring now. But again, silence, you ingrate! You’ve received your free government handout for this decade.

Do these people really believe that the majority of Americans are buying this tired song and dance? Biden went on to say how much he understood the plight that Americans are going through. Remember, Scranton Joe grew up in a middle-class family.

Somehow trying to connect the dots with an unrelated B.S. childhood story, Biden chided, “it’s like whoa, I feel worse off, but then again, I didn’t get a check for eight grand from the government among other things.” Is this clown for real? No one got a check for $8,000.

The stimulus help that Americans did receive was spread out over two and a half years. Biden’s inflationary crisis is eating away at Americans’ income at the rate of nearly $4,000 a year. So much for those “helpful stimulus checks”. For most Americans, that help is long gone.

We’ve been busting open the proverbial piggy banks for months now. It’s getting worse. After meeting the technical definition of a recession, many economic experts caution that the worst may still be ahead. But hey, all is well according to “the big guy”.

We should be grateful that our economy is in such great shape. Everything costs more, and families are choosing between a loaf of bread and a gallon of gas, but all is well. Listen, “at least you’re not starving to death”. What a bunch of insensitive clowns we have running the circus!

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