Biden Is Getting Boxed Out Of His Own Admin, WH Turned Into 'Battle Royale' - VIDEO

Rush Limbaugh predicted this happen; it just took a lot longer than most thought.

The loved conservative radio host believed that the Hunter Biden laptop story would be the lynchpin used to manipulate and keep him from running in 2024. At the time, he believed that Kamala was their choice, and she was. However, Harris has been a huge disappointment since being in office, and that plan seemed to be scrapped.

Recently we learned that Biden's long-time friend and adviser, Ron Klain and taking his place, is a significant member of the uniparty.

According to Politico, citing three unnamed sources, reported Sunday that Jeff Zients, a part of the Mitt Romney Bain Capital, and former Obama official is widely expected to step into the role.

Zients pushed the winter of fear and was one of the factors pushing the vaccine mandates that were torn to shreds by the courts.

With Zients coming in, it appears that the uniparty is trying to regain control.

Klain has been with Biden since 1987, and unless he saw the writing on the wall, he never would have left Joe's side.

The news of Klain's resignation also occurred on the same day even more classified documents were found.

Human Events is reporting that it is chaos inside the White House and that the road is being paved for California Governor Gavin Newsom; watch the video below.


The press is even pouncing during briefings.


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