Biden Moving Goal Posts Already, No Longer Just 100 Days Mask Mandate

It sure didn't take long for Biden to start changing his tune and acting more like a dictator after taking office.

One of the things that people are most upset about is that Biden promised $2000 stimulus checks, but now he's working at $1400 checks. People like that free government cheese so they're pretty upset about not getting more than $1400.

Now he's ticking people off again by already backing off of his 100 days of wearing masks. Instead, he's already trying to extend it through the entire year.

Biden says that mask-wearing will be something all Americans should adjust to throughout 2021 if the nation is to beat COVID-19 at its own game.

He wanted to send out a strong message about mask-wearing when he still continued to wear a mask while he was on stage in a recent event, even with Dr. Anthony Fauci and Dr. Francis Collins 10 feet away from him.

And to go along with this, the US is on track to inoculating 100 million Americans with COVID-19 vaccines in the first 100 days of the Biden administration. As a matter of fact, 26 million shots have been delivered and administered in the first 3 weeks of his administration. This is on top of the 200 million additional vaccines expected to be administered by the end of the summer.

But Sharon Peacock of the COVID-19 Genomics UK Consortium said that even with vaccines and health protocols being implemented, the world will be seeing a 10-year scenario in this situation because of the virus mutations that have suddenly appeared. They will require some rethinking of strategies.

As I said, people aren't happy about it, even his own "followers". One Twitter user said,

"Through the next year????" He said he wasn't going to shut down the country - he was going to shut down the virus.. and promised $2,000 checks after the $600 ones had already been sent out. Where are those???"

Another said,

"I wear my mask all the time. I support being responsible.

Absolutely no way in hell I'm wearing it "through next year".

They have no policy different than the last administrations. Just moving the goalposts."

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