Biden On Airlines Charging More for Extra Legroom: These Junk Fees Hit Marginalized Americans…Especially People of Color (VIDEO)

Joe Biden is a dunce. The country needs to stop focusing on his ability to screw up everything he touches up and focus on how to either get him out of office or stem the tide of his destruction of America. Either could happen, when voters return control of Capitol Hill to Republicans.

Biden has not only enacted horrible policies; he’s made one ignorant statement after another. He and his administration of total buffoons first insisted that inflation wasn’t real. Then, it was only temporary. Finally, Biden said inflation is “up just an inch, hardly at all.”

When Americans look at the financial challenges they are unnecessarily burdened with, they realize inflation is up a lot more than an inch. Biden has also proclaimed that the U.S. southern border is closed and secure.

However, illegal migrant border crossings continue to set new historic records every week. The border isn’t secure. It doesn’t matter, if Biden says it or his calamity of a vice president tries to insist that it’s secure. The U.S.’s southern border is wide open, and it’s wide open on purpose.

Biden has threatened to assassinate a world leader. Joe Biden falls asleep during interviews. The man in charge of the U.S. nuclear codes often forgets where he is.

Joe Biden has gazed across an audience, searching for a deceased person. Recently, he made one of the stupidest comments yet. Biden was remarking about why he thinks airlines are price gouging passengers.

The skyrocketing rise in airline prices is because of his attack on U.S. energy. The price of a ticket is going to go up when it costs ten times as much to operate an airplane. It’s not “rocket science.” Even so, “clueless Joe” blamed the increases on “junk fees.”

Flanked by the chairwoman of the Federal Trade Commission and the director of the Consumer Financial Protection Bureau, Biden said greedy corporations need to “give families more breathing room.” What the “idiot-in-chief” was referring to was fees for more legroom.

Biden said it was wrong for airlines to charge more for six inches of space. He proclaimed, “Look folks, these are junk fees, they’re unfair, and they hit marginalized Americans the hardest, especially low-income folks and people of color.”

Are white folks inherently shorter than black Americans? This man has totally lost the ability to lead the most powerful nation on the planet. He is a disgrace. While his obvious mental decline is sad, Joe Biden’s inability to maintain cognitive focus is dangerous.

In a recent speech, Biden announced that the world is facing the increasingly ominous prospects of World War III. At a time when good sense and calm are essential, Biden proclaims that we are closer to nuclear Armageddon than at any point since 1962.

This idiot is threatening to start a nuclear war. Joe Biden is a train wreck. He has been since day one. He began by erasing policies that make America safer and more secure. Furthermore, he proceeded to undermine the U.S. energy industry. Biden has weakened America internationally.

His policies have created a crisis at the southern border. Joe Biden is an imbecile. Worst of all, he’s an abject failure. America’s biggest hope is that Republicans retake control of both houses of Congress. It would allow common sense conservative policies to freeze his radical agenda.

Whether Republicans can get this numskull out of office remains to be seen. The alternative will not be an improvement. At best, Americans can hope to stall the destruction of our country until a “leader with a brain” can restore both dignity and common sense to the White House.

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