Biden Proposal Will Allow the IRS to Spy on Every Working American’s Banking Records

The Democrat Party weaponized federal law enforcement against a presidential campaign and a sitting president. They have abused their power by targeting their political enemies. The Orwellian “deep state” is real. They are corrupt and power-hungry.

Since he stole the 2020 Presidential Election and started his bogus presidency, Joe Biden has taken this abuse of power to a startling and alarming level. Recently, Biden directed The Department of Justice to target patriotic parents for speaking up on behalf of their children.

Now, Biden is proposing to weaponize The Internal Revenue Service against every American. Biden is expanding on the “deep state” crooked politician playbook. What Joe Biden is trying to do in a democratic America is akin to what Hitler did to create Nazi Germany.

Biden now proposes that the IRS will have access to every American’s bank account records if they have any number of annual transactions totaling over $600. Millions of Americans have monthly mortgages or rental payments exceeding that number by thousands of dollars.

Essentially, Biden’s new Draconian overreach effort will allow “Big Brother” to spy on every single bank account. Biden’s excuse is that his administration needs to hunt down and prosecute sneaky rich people who are cheating on their taxes.

These aren’t the people that will be exposed. In fact, most of these wealthy tax cheaters are liberal progressives. This isn’t about leveling the playing field for tax collection; it’s about expanding the reach of big government.

Anyone with a bank account realizes that once this door is flung open, it will be virtually impossible to close. Now, a government agency will have access to every single financial transaction in the country. It is unnecessary. But, and most of all, it’s crooked. wrote,

Ten grand is about how much you make working full-time in New York City on the minimum wage for four months, for eight months at the federal rate. It’s the average annual rent in West Virginia (the least expensive in the country), and less than half the average price paid for used vehicles in 2020. What $10,000—let alone $600—most decidedly is not is the preferred level of annual transactions among the tax-avoidant rich.

Yet that is how this surveillance is being sold on the left.

“Strengthening information reporting, as well as providing protected and sustained I.R.S. funding, would ensure that we focus enforcement on the biggest fish,” Sen. Elizabeth Warren (D–Mass.) claimed to The New York Times, presumably with a straight face.

This is the new radical Democrat go-to game plan. If you’re a concerned parent, you’re a terrorist and will be investigated by the FBI. If you appreciate the tremendous job done by Donald Trump as President, you’re a deplorable.

If you have cautious reservations over taking a rapidly approved vaccination, you’re a bad citizen, possibly even a murder. Those who support our hardworking law enforcement officers are now racist.

If you believe in the American idea and think our history should be taught to our children, you’re either a racist or a supporter of white supremacy. Keep in mind, the IRS already has the power to freeze your bank account.

Now, if you have problems with the IRS snooping into your private financial affairs, you’re some type of banking criminal. This latest Biden proposal opens a whole new window for tyrannical government control.

Where will Joe Biden and his radical socialist liberal’s try to go next? The idea of government-mandated in-home cameras, spying from every room in your house, something just like those in George Orwell’s “1984”, should alarm every single American.

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