Biden Supporting Tik Tok Users' Plan Backfires, End Up Donating THOUSANDS to Trump Campaign

A group of Tik Tok users with a large following thought they could get the best of a Trump rally by reserving seats and then not showing up to the event.

They thought they would make it look bad for Trump when the rally was shown on TV. Too bad for them their little strategy backfired on them.

These seats that went unoccupied wasn't even noticed because there were so many people there at the rally.

What really made it sweet though was that each Tik Tok user who did not show up were charged a non-refundable reservation fee of $5 that would be donated to the Trump rally.

According to the New York Post, Tik Tok got word that the GOP was holding a rally in Staten Island. Just like before, Tik Tok tricksters attempted to sabotage the rally but instead ended up donating thousands of dollars:

On Sept. 19, out-of-staters using fake, frequently lewd names — including “Grabemby DePussay,” “Ivana Punchyou” and “F–kyou Trump” — began signing up online for the “TRiUMPh Rally,” a free get-out-the-vote event.

“We had about 1,500 RSVPs from Staten Islanders. Then all of a sudden we started seeing the numbers tick up to 10,000, 15,000, 75,000,” Staten Island GOP chairman Brendan Lantry told The Post. “We knew something was not right.”

Fortunately, the Trump administration thought something like that would happen in advance which is the reason they placed a non-refundable reservation fee for those who sign up for the rally. Trump supporters don't mind paying the extra $5 because they want nothing more than to help their President win the upcoming election.

The Tik Tok users who sabotaged the event did not read the fine print where $5 were going to be charged to their account whether or not they would attend the rally.

So while they thought they were helping themselves and the Biden campaign, they were only helping President Trump.

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