Biden to Tap Coveted Oil Reserve After Stupidly Cutting Production

As we witness the agonizing first year of the Biden administration, it’s becoming one nightmare after another. Joe Biden humiliated all Americans with his hasty and botched withdrawal from Afghanistan.

The U.S. southern border is a crisis because of Joe Biden. Inflation, driven by Joe Biden’s economic policies, is stealing money from hardworking Americans. Joe Biden is stealing our freedoms by imposing unconstitutional tyrannical mandates.

However, one of the most glaring policy blunders is how Biden has handled our energy needs. The first thing he did, after his bogus inauguration, was to axe a critical energy pipeline. By stopping the vital Keystone Pipeline, Biden ignited the climb of fuel prices.

Americans are paying over 60 percent more for a gallon of gas than they were one year ago. It is appalling. Joe Biden is appalling. His boneheaded decision to shut down the pipeline, and then further restrict U.S. oil production, has crippled supply.

His first solution was to ask OPEC to produce more oil. Biden destroyed one of President Trump’s biggest achievements, energy independence. Now he’s further crippled the supply of petroleum, which has led to the highest gas prices in a decade.

So, after destroying our energy independence and crippling supply, what’s Biden’s decision? Now he wants to carve into U.S. Strategic Oil Reserves to fix the problem his ineptitude created. Biden gravitates from one nightmarish decision to the next.

Now that he has felt the political weight of a decision to cut oil production, Biden has to “circle back” it appears. We’re wondering how his liberal crackpots screaming for their “New Green Deal” feel about their puppet head saying he will tap into the U.S. Strategic Oil Reserve?

At one point, Biden refused to grant drilling permits in Alaska and the Gulf of Mexico. Now, he appears to be scrambling to save his political butt. You can bet his climate change clowns will be pounding on the door of the Oval Office over this about-face in policy.

However, looking “under the hood”, it’s obvious what Biden is doing. His first blunder sent gas prices through the roof. Now he’s seeing how Americans feel about sky-high prices at the pump. Biden is trying to pull his butt out of the fire he created.

Now, there’s also another interesting side to this story. Just like his military experts told him to do something different in Afghanistan, although ignored them, energy experts are telling Biden tapping the strategic reserves will do little if anything at all to lower fuel prices.

So, if targeting our critical strategic oil reserves isn’t going to have a demonstrative effect on pump prices, why do it? Biden has dug another hole for himself. He’s scrambling to find a political scapegoat to take the blame for his boneheaded energy decisions.

Biden has even tried to sick the Federal Trade Commission on energy companies. He thinks there is something tricky going on that’s purposefully elevating gas prices. There’s nothing tricky going on. It’s another attempt to blame someone else for his decisions.

The reason prices for gas have elevated so rapidly is because of Joe Biden. Demand has remained relatively constant, but Biden has whittled away at the supply. It’s simple economics, Joe. But it appears, as with most of his policy knowledge, Biden failed economics.

Every single one of Joe Biden’s policy decisions have failed. Joe Biden is a failure. He is failing the American people. He is destroying the country. Biden is a puppet for the radical left. Americans must wake up and slam the door on them.

In less than 12 months, America will stand at a critical crossroads, if Biden and his liberal lunatics haven’t already buried the country under an avalanche of pitiful policies. On November 8, 2022, Americans must stand up and take back our country.

Even if Joe Biden lasts his full term, Republican control of both Houses of Congress will stop him in his tracks. It will likewise slam the door shut on the radical socialists trying to take over our great nation. This is a battle we must not lose. Our country depends on it.

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