Biden Tries to Win Voters By Insulting Them, 'I See Why Your Wife Left You' (VIDEO)

Joe Biden has gradually been losing his lead in the polls among the Democrats.

So while many of those remaining in the field of Democrats trying to win the nomination are stuck in D.C. to participate in the impeachment trial of President Trump, Biden is out campaigning to earn some votes.

He must have come up with his new strategy all on his own, because the only person who would have told him to do what he just did at an event in Iowa is someone who is trying to sabotage his campaign.

At the event, Biden was asked a question by a young man in the audience about his marriage.

“My wife recently left me. She’s divorcing me. What can I do to get her back? What advice would you give someone like me to get her back?” the man asked Biden.

“I’ll talk to you afterwards, OK? I’m happy to. I promise I’ll talk to you afterwards,” Biden said.

“Could we just get this out right now?” the man insisted. “No” Biden replied.

“I’m beginning to see why your wife left you,” Biden said which prompting laughter from the others attending. “Sir, I promise you I’ll spend time with you afterwards.”

Are you freaking kidding me?

Biden was bothered that quickly by the man that he insulted him about his marriage and losing his wife? What a scum bag.

According to the Washington Examiner, this may have actually been Jason Selvig from the comedy duo The Good Liars.

The man agreed to speak after the event and sat down. He appeared to be a Jason Selvig, a member of the comedy duo The Good Liars. The duo interrupted an Andrew Yang campaign event a day earlier, asking for money out of the candidate's wallet and asked if he was a robot. After the Biden event, they showed up at an Elizabeth Warren event, where one of the men proposed to the candidate.

I doubt Biden knew that so his response was completely disrespectful and people are going to remember that.

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