Biden's Border Blunder Causing New Problems for Border Town with Deceased Immigrants

If Americans listen to Joe Biden and his inept administration, the U.S. southern border is secure. There’s nothing to see here. There haven’t been roughly 4 million border encounters since Biden’s first day in office. Our border communities aren’t being overwhelmed. These are all lies.

The U.S. southern border is a mess. What’s happened since Biden erased virtually every successful President Trump border policy is horrific. Some believe that the whole border mess is purposeful. For certain, “Biden’s border crisis” has put the U.S. national security at risk.

By most estimates, more than 500,000 illegal migrants have managed to avoid border patrol. These “got-aways” pose the greatest risk to national security. We have no idea who these people are and what they might be capable of.

It’s a fact that, for some bizarre reason, these people do not want to be apprehended. That’s an alarming thought, since the vast majority of the illegal migrants who do submit to border patrol agents are simply being welcomed by the Biden administration and allowed to stay.

Unless an illegal migrant has something to hide, there isn’t much reason to flee. But then there’s an even more disturbing aspect of Biden’s border ineptitude. Human beings are dying, and they’re dying unnecessarily.

This doesn’t include the thousands of Americans who are dying because of the wave of Fentanyl flooding across Biden’s open border. If these people weren’t being lured to the border, enticed by Biden’s freebie giveaways, they wouldn’t make the risky journey.

While the Biden administration continues to deny the crisis, border town morgues are providing indisputable proof. If the U.S. southern border is secure, then why is the town of Eagle Pass, Texas, running out of plots to bury those who die trying?

Illegal migrants are dying every day. Maverick County Sheriff Tom Schmerber spoke with Daily Caller field reporter Jorge Ventura. Schmerber said his office has encountered an alarming number of deceased migrants.

Recently, Maverick County Sheriff’s deputies identified three of five deceased migrants. The bodies were recovered along the Rio Grande River. Schmerber says that many migrants die from drowning. He said others die along the journey from dehydration from the sweltering heat.

The sheriff stressed how sad this whole crisis is. Schmerber told Ventura, “That’s the sad part. Not everybody makes it, including children, females that are pregnant, and I’m hoping that we don’t have to get another trailer like this with a freezer, because it’s sad.”

The funeral director in Eagle Pass told the sheriff’s office that they are at capacity. They have no more room for deceased migrants. They can’t even deal with what might be considered a normal load of deceased.

Refrigerator trucks are being requested, so that authorities can deal with the massive increase in dead bodies. Border officials just outside Eagle Pass say they discover two or three deceased migrants every day. This is a crisis within a crisis.

Close to a thousand illegal migrant deaths have been reported this year alone. Makeshift graves are necessary for many illegal migrants because they cannot be identified. The graves are marked, “John Doe,” “Jane Doe,” or regrettably, “Baby John or Jane Doe.” It’s sad.

However, many of these deaths could have been avoided. Joe Biden has enticed people to take a dangerous journey, ultimately breaking U.S. federal law. Does he care? It doesn’t appear that way. If Biden did care, he’d do something. But he refuses to, because it’s what he wants.

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