Bidens Declaration that COVID is Over Causing Liberal Heads to Explode

The COVID pandemic is now officially over. At least that’s what one senile, cognitively challenged old man says. For all Joe Biden’s tendency to fumble and stumble his way through every speaking opportunity, he has recently gotten one thing correct.

The COVID pandemic is over. The only problem is that it’s really been over for some time. Nevertheless, Joe Biden isn’t the one who should be making such an announcement. Medical professionals are the ones with a true understanding of where America is in battling COVID-19.

But for these bureaucratic control freaks, announcing the end of the pandemic means giving up their authority to manipulate people’s lives. Liberals, who thirst for control over every aspect of our lives, were handed a powerful weapon when the pandemic broke.

They could tell people where they could go and how often. Elected public officials were allowed to make authoritarian mandates on how many people could be in the same place at the same time. Americans were ordered to wear masks everywhere they went.

But then there was the so-called cure. When the COVID-19 vaccine hit pharmacy shelves, liberal control freaks had the ultimate weapon. While they urged Americans to do the right thing by getting “the jab,” these tyrants were able to use force and coercion to make them.

Never before in the history of our democracy, even during wartime, have so few been freely handed so much power. When Joe Biden announced that the pandemic was over, he sent shockwaves throughout liberally controlled cities and states.

When these radical power mongers heard these fateful words, “the pandemic is over,” their heads exploded. Mainstream media puppets have raced to their liberal friends’ defense. Many left-controlled news sources have proclaimed Joe Biden to be dead wrong.

It certainly isn’t the first time Bumbling Biden has been wrong, but it’s one of the few times the liberal media has insisted that he is. But actually, this may be one of the few times Joe Biden is right. Pandemic numbers have been dropping for months.

Variants of COVID-19 are producing symptoms that are little more troublesome than the common cold. Vaccines, with an increasing number of potential side effects, are doing little to nothing to help. Natural immunity is proving to be the most robust defense.

When an illness is floating around the general public, an illness akin to a common cold, it’s hard to stand up and scream that we’re in the midst of a deadly pandemic. We’re not. We haven’t been for quite a few months.

But right on cue, the “pandemic kings and queens” are losing their minds. As Joe Biden’s COVID-19 death numbers inch closer to doubling the deaths during President Trump’s tenure, liberals should be wary of continuing to promote COVID-19 as an emergency.

There have been 360 deaths in the last week. A year ago, there were 2,000 COVID-related deaths during the same calendar week. However, when this pandemic emergency ends, so too, do their powers to control people’s lives. This is a threat to these self-proclaimed elitists.

Like clockwork, Saint Anthony Fauci jumped in, to try to save his royal reign. “We have only 67 percent of our population vaccinated, and only one-half of those have received a single boost,” spouted the self-anointed minister of science.

If the pandemic is now considered “over,” why would anyone agree to take a suspiciously ineffective and possibly health-compromising medicine? They wouldn’t. Fauci and other corrupt medical bureaucrats will watch as their vaccine cash cow drains dry.

Fauci continued to spew “doom-and-gloom,” just like he has for over two years. The mainstream media will also lose their ratings’ booster. If there’s no pandemic narrative to talk about, they might actually have to find something important to discuss.

To be honest, in a sense, Joe Biden is wrong. While the most dangerous period of the pandemic is over, good judgment still needs to be used. Using good judgment has been the best advice anyone could have ever taken when battling the pandemic.

Biden said the pandemic was over, so he could take credit for killing it. He didn’t. The virus still forces Americans to make everyday decisions to stay healthy. But what Biden’s words did do was kill the liberal elite’s ability to control people’s lives. It made their heads explode!

Photo Credit: JL Hervas

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