Biden's UN Speech Sure Sounds Like He Wants World War III Over Ukraine

Recently, Joe Biden stood up in front of the United Nations. As usual, he made himself look stupid and the United States look weak. However, he did blast off some pretty “tough guy” challenges towards Russian President Vladimir Putin.

Certainly, no one will mistake the hardened resolve of the ruthless former KGB agent Putin for the feeble old man Joe Biden. But Biden continued to insist that the U.S. would “keep its commitment to Ukraine.” Presently, this is only money and U.S. military equipment.

But the way Joe Biden talked, direct involvement by U.S. troops is not off the table. Why would Biden want to risk the lives of thousands of American soldiers to support a country with a less-than-stable history of honest government?

Why would Joe Biden seemingly take such a dangerously harsh stance towards a worthy adversary? Or is Biden’s tough talk towards supporting Ukraine merely a smokescreen? This is the same “big guy” mentioned in multiple emails about corrupt business arrangements.

Biden’s son has orchestrated numerous financially lucrative arrangements with high-ranking people in Ukraine’s elite. It would seem illogical to push for war, even in defense of a favored nation, against a country that could essentially trigger World War III.

And then there’s the history of the foreign policy actions of Joe Biden and his administration. He forced the U.S. to cut tail and scurry out of Afghanistan like frightened little rats. Biden is a blowhard when it comes to standing up to bullies.

His administration is still willing to kowtow to a rogue nation that openly wishes for death and destruction on America. Iran is not a friend of the United States. They are the bullies of the Middle East. Vladimir Putin is a bully as well.

Is Biden’s tough guy rhetoric a smokescreen, or does Joe Biden really want a war with Russia? There has been a longstanding rumor amongst Washington, D.C. insiders. One sure way to save a failing presidency is to start a war. Are we on the verge?

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