Big DNC Donor Accused of Drugging Men to Death Gets Multiple Felony Charges Thrown At Him

It seems 2020, in addition to the pandemic, lockdowns, economic volatility, and riots is also the year perverts are being brought to justice.

Just weeks after Ghislaine Maxwell (ex-girlfriend and cohort of the late pedophile ring-leader Jeffrey Epstein) was arrested and charged with sex-trafficking crimes, another Democrat-aligned pervert and big-time DNC donor has had multiple charges filed against him for drug and prostitution-related crimes.

Ed Buck, a resident of California and a significant donor to the Democratic Party and so-called “champion for lesbian, gay and bisexual, and transgender rights,” was arrested back in September of 2019 on an accusation related to providing methamphetamines to someone who died of a drug overdose. Since then, several other charges have been added, including soliciting men to travel across state lines to engage in prostitution.

The Justice Department said in a press release on August 4, 2020,

“The four additional counts charged today – bringing the total number of charges in this case to nine counts – include one count alleging that Buck knowingly enticed 26-year-old Gemmel Moore to travel to the Los Angeles area to engage in prostitution. Buck allegedly provided methamphetamine to Moore, who overdosed on the drug and died on July 27, 2017.”

The press release goes on to say that Buck “engaged in a pattern of soliciting men to consume drugs that Buck provided and perform sexual acts at Buck’s apartment.”

In addition to Gemmel Moore, another of Buck’s alleged victims is Timothy Dean, who died under similar circumstances in January of 2019. The Advocate reports that Moore wrote in his diary that “Buck liked to inject Black men with drugs, often to the point of unconsciousness.” The Advocate continues, “Other alleged victims came forward to make the same claims against Buck, with some saying he injected them without their consent and after they were already unconscious.”

Apparently, Buck’s targets were not just black men, but black gay men. Breitbart reported on a vigil held for Timothy Dean that activist Jasmyne Cannick said,

“It’s clear that there’s a pattern and a practice of Ed Buck to prey on vulnerable, young black gay men who are homeless, who are HIV positive, who he can manipulate with his money — and they end up dead inside his house. No matter what Ed Buck’s attorney tries to spin it and say — it is very clear that Ed Buck plays a role in these young men’s deaths. He needs to be stopped.”

This is the type of thing predicted by those who were against the normalization of LGBT lifestyles. It is hoped Buck is brought to justice and serves as a warning of the types of individuals who run in those circles.

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