Bill Clinton Lashes Out at Republicans During Interview (VIDEO)

Most Americans are sick of hearing about the Clintons. The Clintons' involvement in corruption has been well-documented for years, but they always seem to manage to escape any sort of prosecution or repercussion whatsoever.

It's also generally known that individuals who are thought to have information on the Clintons may occasionally experience suspiciously abrupt deaths. This is sometimes referred to as the "Clinton body count" online.

The Clintons have recently returned to the public eye and have been vocal about a number of current political issues in our country.

Breitbart News reports that former president Bill Clinton recently criticized what he saw as various GOP tactics in an interview with CNN.

Clinton charged the Republican Party with turning scare tactics into weapons during his interview with CNN. The impeached former president claimed that in order to win over swing voters, the GOP relied on scaring them.

Critical race theory is an illustration of this, in Clinton's opinion. The former president thinks that Republicans are exaggerating critical race theory and making it sound more dangerous than smallpox.

Clinton continued by saying that if Democrats tell voters "the right things," they might be able to keep the Senate and the House of Representatives in November.

There is no disputing that Democrats want to believe the former president's statements. Clinton's story, however, simply doesn't hold up for a number of very obvious reasons.

The Democratic Party itself disproves Clinton's contention that Republicans use fear to win over votes.

After all, it is lefties who claim that Trump supporters are enemies of democracy and warn that if Republicans regain power, the country would succumb to tyranny.

Democrats, not Republicans, are working hard to scare Americans into supporting them in elections. Democrats, meanwhile, are refusing to be open and honest with the public on topics such as the economy, illegal immigration, the surge in crime, and more.

Despite the numerous problems the US is currently facing, Democrats are running on maintaining the status quo and arguing that voting for them is the only sure way to move forward.

It is outrageous for Bill Clinton to assert that if Democrats merely tell voters the right things, they can keep control of both the Senate and the House of Representatives.

Voters have witnessed firsthand the devastation that results when Democrats hold both the White House and the Congress. The final decision about the makeup of Congress's power structure for the ensuing two years will be made by the people in November.

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