Bill Gates Calls For Mandatory Digital Certificates for Vaccines (Mark Of The Beast?)

Is it a coincidence that Bill Gates is trying to lead the charge behind all this coronavirus hub-bub with the vaccinations? I don't think so. Bill Gates has far too much to gain from all of this.

First of all, he's an advocate for population control and thinks that there are too many people on the planet already. He's even mentioned implementing things like vaccinations as a way of working to control the population. I think you should really ask yourself how this would even take place. Aren't vaccinations supposed to help preserve life?

Well, when you look at some of them like Gardasil, it targets a woman's reproductive system. I don't think it's a coincidence that we've been seeing more and more women have reproductive issues. People really need to ask themselves why and what has changed.

Now, Bill Gates is even wanting to force vaccinations for things like the coronavirus and implement some sort of digital certificates to verify that they do have immunity.

How do you think they would do this? Could it be through implanting a chip under the skin?

Attorney General Bill Barr sat down with Laura Ingraham and discussed Gates' wishes and explained why he's against it.

Ingraham: “Bill Gates, the Gates Foundation are in favor of developing digital certificates that would certify that individuals, American citizens, have an immunity to this virus and potentially other viruses going forward to then facilitate travel and work and so forth. What are your thoughts from a civil libertarian point of view about these types of – what some would say tracking mechanisms that would be adopted going forward to reopen our broader economy?”

Barr: “Yeah, I’m very concerned about the slippery slope in terms of continuing encroachments on personal liberty. I do think during the emergency, appropriate, reasonable steps are fine.”

Ingraham: “But a digital certificate to show who has recovered or been tested recently or when we have a vaccine who has – of people who’ve received it. That’s his answer in a Reddit ask me anything. They had a little forum.”

Barr: “Yeah, I’d be a little concerned about that, the tracking of people and so forth, generally, especially going forward over a long period of time.”

Ingraham: "Are you surprised at how wildly partisan a response to this pandemic has become in the United States? I know everything’s political, but this is about saving lives and saving the broader life of America, and yet from a drug like hydroxychloroquine that’s been around for 65 years, 70 years, to other measures the president’s taken, working with Democrat governors quite well, looks like, it never seems to be good enough."

Barr: "No, I have been surprised at it. In fact, it was very disappointing because I think the president went out at the beginning of this thing and really was statesman like, trying to bring people together, working with all the governors, keeping his patience as he got these snarky, gotcha questions from the White House media pool. And it – the stridency of the partisan attacks on him has gotten higher and higher, and it’s really disappointing to see. And the politicization of decisions like hydroxychloroquine has been amazing to me. Before the president said anything about it, there was fair and balanced coverage of this very promising drug, and the fact that it had such a long track record, that the risks were pretty well known, and as soon as he said something positive about it, the media’s been on a jahad to discredit the drug, it’s quite strange."

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