Bill Maher Pushes Back Against Radical Journalist Who Claimed Trump Supporters Need to Repent

Bill Maher would never be confused with someone who supports conservative political values. On the contrary, Maher is a self-proclaimed liberal. However, unlike the more radical faction now festering in the Democrat Party, Maher has a helpful tendency to apply common sense.

While his political beliefs lean more to the left, Maher isn’t a total idiot. As the host of “Real Time,” Maher has a healthy following of dedicated viewers. The hardcore left has even attacked Maher for reaching out to conservatives in hopes of finding common ground.

Recently, Maher interviewed a far-left journalist. Maher’s discussion with Puck News correspondent Julia Ioffe became increasingly contentious. Ioffe was rigid and uncompromising. Maher was simply trying to reach across the aisle and promote compromise.

But the radical Ioffe wasn’t having any of it. The Puck News journalist thinks everything is personal. She believes that’s how liberals should deal with every conservative. “It is personal. I think Trump made a lot of things personal.” Ioffe said.

She went on to insist that, “When we talk about the division in this country, we can't talk about it as if it's a meteorological phenomenon that just happened, right? There were certain things that were done by certain people in certain institutions.”

Ioffe believes conservatives, especially President Trump, do things to divide the nation and did them consciously. Her liberal mind thinks we “prey upon the fissures that already existed and to make them wider and wider to the point where we can't see each other across them.”

The radical left-wing journalist blamed President Trump again. Ioffe cackled, “This was done in many ways on purpose by Trump. And I do think people who supported Trump, and those who enabled Trump do have something to apologize for and do have a lot to repent for.”

But Bill Maher pushed back. Maher said, “What they're saying (conservatives) is that you get two choices in this country. I would never vote for Donald Trump. Nobody was harder on Donald Trump than me.”

The Real Time host continued, “But it's a little more nuanced than that. I understand why people who make the decision to vote, which most people do, based on not who I like the best but who I hate the least.”

Maher insisted that the biggest mistake many of his liberal friends make is assuming he likes President Trump. He does not. Bill Maher just uses a little common sense when debating differing political ideologies.

That’s the framework that our nation was founded upon; the ability for differing political viewpoints to debate their differences civilly. President Trump didn’t create the division in the U.S. This division happened years before he ever announced his intent to run for office.

Liberals always need to blame someone. Maybe they should look closer at themselves. Barack Obama did far more damage to this nation than President Trump ever did. Obama is responsible for dividing the country.

But liberals never want to hear the truth. They’ve found their scapegoat in President Trump. They insist that he’s responsible for everything that’s wrong with America. The fact is, liberal policies and an inability to engage in meaningful debate are the things destroying America.

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