Bizarre Twist of Poetic Justice as a Man Dies After Shooting a Woman in the Neck

There’s a lot to be said for “poetic justice.” When punishment for doing something bad receives an ironic consequence, it slams home the idea. There’s also the often debated role that “lady Karma” plays in these rather bizarre outcomes.


Recently, when one man shot a woman in the neck, the application of both of these strange phenomena happened. Dallas police responded to a reported shooting. Upon arrival at the scene, what they discovered would easily qualify as a bizarre twist of poetic justice.

First, officers went to the location of the reported shooting. However, no one was there. There was a trail of blood outside one apartment, so obviously something happened. But there weren’t any victims, inside the apartment or outside.

This is where the strange becomes even stranger. The police received a call from a local hospital. Somehow, a pair of gunshot victims were found sitting outside the hospital entrance, in their car. When police arrived, they found two victims, one of them dead.


Evidently, Byron Redmond shot an adult female in the neck. But here’s where poetic justice comes in. The female victim was treated at the hospital and then released. Redmond wasn’t so fortunate. Apparently, the bullet exited the victim’s neck and struck Redmond in the leg.

While his victim recovered, Redmond died at the hospital. Talk about a twist of poetic justice. Lady karma put her stamp all over this incident as well. This is a prime example of fate. Sometimes bad people get what they deserve. Dallas Police have an ongoing investigation.

There are some things that I think are just the hand of God acting. I'm not sure if this is one of them, but I think that it would certainly fit the bill. He shoots a woman, she's treated and released rather quickly, but he died by that very same bullet.


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