Black Lives Matter Take Over Dallas Restaurant, Chant ‘Who Burn S**t Down? We Burn S**t Down’

No one with a reasonable level of common sense would argue that are important social conversations our nation needs to have. It involves a number of different situations that have generated civil unrest. We are a democracy that thrives on civil discourse.

Our nation's founding document insures we have the right to voice our personal views about such matters. The underlying principle in the United States Constitution is that this voice of protest must be exercised peacefully. It is the benchmark for a successful democracy.

However, when we erase the peaceful mandate from the right to protest, it becomes violent unrest. Our nation has been increasingly plagued by a wave of such unrest over the last year. Each new event, deemed worthy or not, seems to ignite another wave of violence.

The Black Lives Matter (BLM) is behind many of these unnecessarily violent and destructive incidents. They are riots. Sometimes BLM is ostentatiously visible. BLM members proudly advocate for violence, the single most egregious act they proclaim to oppose.

People, supposedly ardent supporters of BLM, are burning and looting metropolitan areas across our nation disguised as protests. They are little more than riotous assaults on America's rule of law. Last week, red-shirted BLM members ascended on Dallas, Texas.

The mob took over a restaurant in Dallas' historic downtown district. They took over the business with guns, threatening to burn it down. Our radical-pandering left-wing news media continues to ignore the counter-productive methods organizations such as BLM utilize.

It's beyond confusing, it's alarming. There are two levels of condemnation for acts of civil unrest when it turns violent. If the organization is proclaiming the talking-points of the leftist radicals in our country, all is but a noble protest for a just cause.

If you happen to be a supporter of former President Donald Trump and the idea of free and fair elections, you are now an insurrectionist. Protestors at the U.S. Capitol on January 6, were there to fight for their rights as Americans.

BLM protestors blast out that "we burn s**t down". However, the mainstream media essentially ignore these types of assaults on other's right to peace and prosperity. It is sad. It is a double standard that is gutting the fabric of our nation.

The most recent excuse to "burn s**t down", was a black criminal, fleeing police, who was shot. BLM, the same group that talks peaceful unity out of one side of their mouth, proclaims their affinity for arson. The BLM protest model is nothing more than blatant hypocrisy.

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