Black Lives Matter Takes Over State Capitol Reminiscent of January 6th, Democrats and Media Are Silent!

If you've paid even minimal attention to national news the last few months, you've certainly heard how a group of angry protestors stormed the U.S. Capitol in what the media has labeled as an insurrection. Many have been arrested for high crimes against our nation.

Many are still in jail, held without bail. However, when the right people stage the same type of event, it's just a few angry protestors. What happened recently at the Iowa Capitol meets with the radical progressive agenda perfectly.


It's not insurrection for the liberals, it's free speech. When the radical left gets angry, burn down anything in your path if necessary, it's people speaking their voice. Rise and fight for rights, if it comes from the mouth of a conservative, is grounds to incite a riot.

But if you're part of the BLM movement, kill the bill is an innocent call for legislative reform. Please, help yourself to some coffee and donuts while you storm a state legislative building. You are not insurrectionists. You are angry Americans, voicing an injustice.

Do we understand the total level of hypocrisy in looking at these two incidents any differently? Is there an underlying reason why a number of those arrested for being at the Capitol protests are held in jail?

A number of those who happened to walk through an open door in the "People's House", are held without bond. However, a trove of BLM activists is exercising their constitutional right to free speech. Do you see how this narrative is conveniently scripted depending on the agenda?

One 18-year-old attending the BLM overtaking of the Iowa Capitol had more than protest on his agenda. He forcefully resisted the instructions of law enforcement and was consequently arrested for his crime. However, he is now a martyr for the radical BLM agenda.

Conservatives are jailed and held without bond for walking through an open door into a federal building. A radical BLM activist physically resists the instructions of police, so he is arrested. But he is an unfortunate casualty of an overzealous police force.

We haven't heard the reference yet, but the race card is certainly going to be in play soon. The hypocrisy behind the Capitol protests goes even deeper. Five people died on January 6, at the U.S. Capitol. One of these people died as a direct result of protest.

She was a protestor, not a member of law enforcement. Two people reportedly had heart attacks, and one individual died of a drug overdose. But the radical media continue to beat the drum of how five people were killed by the violent insurrectionists.

It is another in the strategic lies told by the radical left. When protest, even violence, meets their agenda, it's all okay. However, when it doesn't, it's an insurrection. Can anyone else appreciate the total hypocrisy of this viewpoint? It would be funny if it weren't so sad.

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