Black Lives Matter Zombies Mob Store, Trap Customers Inside: ‘We’re Shutting S*** Down!’

Outraged by a grand jury verdict that did not result in any indictments for the death of Daniel Prude, an angry mob of Black Lives Matter supporters shut down a busy intersection in Rochester, New York without warning.

The roughly 200 protestors then converged on the Wegman's Grocery Store on East Avenue. The crowd then surrounded the parking lot of the Wegman's and about 100 shoppers were trapped inside the business unable to leave the premises due to the chaos.

Before heading to the grocery store, protesters yelled, “We have a long walk today, we’re shutting s*** down,” according to 13WHAM-TV reporter Michael Schwartz.

The protest march apparently arose spontaneously, and its organizers did not adhere to required protocols for authorized public gatherings. Nevertheless, the Rochester Police Department did not step in to arrest demonstrators. Maintaining public safety and preventing street violence possibly factored into this decision.

A Medical Examiner's report recently disclosed Mr. Prude, who passed away almost a week following his arrest, may have ingested PCP prior to the incident. The drug causes erratic (and sometimes violent) behavior.

Some people are just so insanely dumb. What good does it do to protest the freaking grocery store? They aren't the ones who did anything. If you want to protest, then go protest outside the courthouse or outside the police station. Or stop being so lazy and actually do something to bring about change.

I'm for protesting, but in our day and age, protesting doesn't do crap because the people in charge don't care anymore.

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