Black Supremacists Gather in Mississippi to Commemorate Juneteenth with Armed “Gathering of the Great Armies” March (VIDEOS)

Joe Biden and the rest of the radical liberals scream that the biggest threat to America is white supremacy. Of course, they don’t offer a shred of evidence that white Americans are any more dangerous to our democracy than they are themselves. In fact, most of them are white people.

In fact, the lying, deceitful double standard that Democrats practice is destroying our country. They denounce even peaceful voices, if those voices support patriotic and conservative values. Everyone else is free to use violence, hatred, and especially intimidation, to get their way.

The riots that burned down businesses across the country during the summer of 2022 were supposedly “mostly peaceful protests.” However, a peaceful protest that ignited into a single day of unfortunate chaos at the U.S. Capitol somehow qualifies as an insurrection. It doesn’t.

Likewise, a group of armed black supremacists gets off without a mention from the crooked mainstream media. To commemorate “Juneteenth”, a group of heavily armed black men ascended on Natchez, Mississippi.

They were celebrating the newly created holiday, signifying the end of slavery. It’s a respectable cause. Americans are free to celebrate and proclaim special days as they see fit. It’s called freedom of speech. But the left denounces every conservative protest as a threat to democracy.

This false perception is used whether the protesters have guns or not. In Natchez, the protesters had guns, and they let everyone know they had guns. The radical group even insisted that everyone should have guns. More importantly, they said blacks needed to use theirs.

We’re not certain how that fits into the liberal narrative for abolishing the Second Amendment. Members of the group screamed, “Arm yourself, or harm yourself!” “Guns up! Shoot Back!” the radical group screamed.

After the march, leaders from black militias held a meeting. They each signed a document “proclaiming a unified vision for the future of their movement, including reparations, and black-only territories.” They also pushed for the “freeing of political prisoners”, whatever that means.

This is nothing but a shameless example of reverse racism. A white group saying such things and conducting themselves in such a manner would be by law enforcement. But it’s okay to call for violence if you’re on the proper side of the political spectrum or your skin is the right color.

If you’re a white person who is angered that an election was stolen from your candidate, you’re an insurrectionist. If a police officer tragically kills a drug-addicted criminal, it’s okay to burn down cities and attack innocent people.

It just depends on “what’s your cause, man!” This is a dangerous double standard that has the potential to lead America down a dark road of violence. It will be violence born not out of hatred, but out of liberal hypocrisy.

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