BLM Co-Founder Paid Millions to Her Baby's Daddy and Brother...Wait Until You See Why

Every time an apparently racial injustice happens in America, Black Lives Matter (BLM) pounces. This radical organization has proclaimed to be an advocate for racial justice in our nation. They are anything but.

BLM is a corrupt organization that has fed off of mainstream media-ignited social injustice narratives. The hierarchy within BLM has profited from the false claims that America is systemically racist. It is not.

But radical organizations like BLM have profited off this false narrative. These profits have been astonishing. But BLM’s executives have been stupid. By following the spending habits of the highest ranking officials in this so-called “non-profit”, their scam has been exposed.

According to a FOX News report, BLM executives of the Global Network Foundation Inc. “have nearly $42 million in assets, despite spending more than $37 million from July 2020 to June 2021.” These figures are from tax document reports acquired by the Associated Press.

The documents reveal an alarming level of corruption. These tax filings show that BLM co-founder Patrisse Cullors used donated funds to make payments directly to friends and family. These payments were listed as “consulting services”.

There are also items showing payment for charter air flights. A company owned by Damon Turner was paid nearly $1 million for “creative services”. Turner is the father of Cullors’ child. Cullors paid her brother over $800,000 for security services.

The Daily Mail found others profited from this scheme as well. Shalomyah Bowers runs a consulting firm. Bowers is also BLM’s board secretary. She previously worked as deputy executive director. Bowers has gotten more than rich off her ties to BLM.

Tax filings show her consulting firm was paid more than $2.1 million by BLM for “operational support, including staffing, fundraising, and other key services.” Cullors also spent nearly $6 million in cash for a luxurious, six-bedroom, six-bathroom home in Studio City.

Brian Mittendorf doesn’t necessarily believe this automatically means BLM is a fraudulent organization. Mittendorf is a Ph.D. accounting professor at The Ohio State University. Nevertheless, this frivolous spending does not pass the litmus test for honesty.

This is a sham, just like the proclamation that BLM somehow supports everyday black Americans. They do not. Their radical agenda is actually getting black Americans killed. BLM executives are a prime example of American capitalism.

However, they are a non-profit organization, securing donations from essentially “guilty white people”. These people are both liars and crooks. BLM is a profit scam. But if we say anything derogatory about this corrupt group, we’re labeled as racists. We’re not racist, but BLM is scam.

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