BLM Terrorists Attack NYPD Station - Assault Police Officers and Douse Police Vehicle with Gasoline

Democrats want to convince America that Trump supporters are the greatest domestic terror threat that we have. This is a lie and we all know it.

Instead, one of the greatest threats has been showing itself over and over since last summer. I'm, of course, referring to Black Lives Matter.

Deep into the night of September 3rd, Black Lives Matter sent one of their worst attacks against the NYPD station located in the Bronx.

Leading the way for the terrorist group was Miguel Louis from Olympia, Washington. Louis was quoted saying things such as "You lost", "We won", and "My people will continue killing you".

With leaders like this, Black Lives Matter has shown they are the worst and many of their attacks are caught on film, yet the media protects them.

The media will report all day and night about every word Nancy Pelosi says about January 6th. When Black Lives Matter takes to the streets, causing destruction, and hurting innocent people, the media doesn't report on these incidences.

Black Lives Matter is a threat against America's police officers.

The officers are under constant duress from the terrorist organization and the media rarely makes mention of the issue because it doesn't fit their agenda and they're still too busy trying to make President Trump look like the worst person in the world.

The mainstream media is attempting to paint a picture that shows conservatives and police officers as the bad people in these situations. Luckily, there are a few great conservative reporters who will place themselves at risk to show the truth through the eyes of a lens.

Andy Ngo, just at this one incident on September 3rd, filmed BLM terrorists attacking the police station, officers being assaulted, and even two police vehicles being covered in gasoline.

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