Bloomberg Thinks Doctors Are Racist, So He Promised To Do This If President...

Most of us have a doctor of some kind that we see regularly. Well, did you know that they're racist? Michael Bloomberg says that they are anyway.

The new Democratic presidential candidate wants to force every health care provider to take training so that they can learn how to not be racist with patients.

According to Bloomberg's website, here is his proposed plan:

Mike’s plan details several initiatives designed to decrease disparities in maternal health outcomes across the country and reduce the disproportionately high maternal mortality rate among women of color, including:

Addressing the racial bias among health care providers
Addressing the racial bias among health care providers – both implicit and explicit – by requiring doctors to have training in understanding and countering implicit bias in medical care.

Standardizing maternal mortality data collection.
To address a lack of reliable data around maternal mortality, Mike’s plan centralizes data collection at the Centers for Disease Control (CDC) and uses the data to inform and improve standards of health care. The data will be used to establish programs to assist clinicians in identifying high-risk pregnancies.

Providing, free of charge, a public-option insurance plan.
While low-income women can enroll in Medicaid when they become pregnant, in fourteen states, the program covers new mothers for only 60 days postpartum. Mike’s plan would ensure that all low-income women would qualify for enhanced Medicaid, including those who do not live in states that expanded Medicaid under Obamacare. Alabama has not expanded Medicaid, which in turn leaves out 314,000 people from the program.

Boosting funding for medical schools at HBCUs.
His plan also boosts funding for medical schools at historically black colleges and universities to increase the number of people of color in the health-care workforce.

All this is is an effort by Bloomberg to appeal to the black voters. I'm sure he means it and would really do it, but he doesn't really care about anything but the vote and this is how he thinks he'll get it.


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