BOMBSHELL DISCOVERY: 19,000 Votes Received After Election Day Gave Joe Biden the Win

I've been thinking a lot about the news from Arizona about the 19,000 illegal ballots that were counted even though they arrived late. The margin of the purported Biden victory was slightly less than 10,500.


Just think about this for a moment. Even after accounting for all of the other irregularities, which include ballot harvesting, the absence of chain of custody documentation, double voting, and invalid voters, they still needed to find an additional 19,000 ballots to ensure that Biden would win the election.

How many more real votes did Trump get than Biden? The landslide must have been one for the record books. Why, then, would they allow the 19,000 votes that were cast illegally to be counted in the election if the election was so open and honest? If they didn't need these votes to win, then why did they feel it was important to cover-up the fact that these votes were illegal?

AG Mark Brnovich has come to realize that a life of crime does not pay him. He did nothing to stop the widespread cheating that was going on under his watch. After that, he had the audacity to ask Republicans to promote him to the Senate. He started off with a lead of 15 to 18 points in the primaries, but once it became clear that he had no intention of doing anything about the stolen election, his lead evaporated, and now he has lost his primary.


Take a look at this and tell me how it should be explained. On three days following the election, voted came in late and were counted.

  • Nov. 4: 18,000 late, invalid ballots
  • Nov. 5: 1,000 late, invalid ballots
  • Nov. 6: 1,500 late, invalid ballots

How was this even allowed? This is illegal. So how were these votes allowed to be counted? Well, if you haven't seen the 2000 Mules documentary, I would encourage you to look there because that's where you'll find your answer.


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