BOMBSHELL! Maricopa County Elections Witness Claims Dominion Ran ENTIRE Election!

If you've been following the progress being made with the forensic audit in Maricopa County, then you're probably like me and looking forward to seeing what the end result is going to be.

They've run into a problem right now and can't get access to the data on the machines because supposedly, nobody holds the passwords for the machines in order to access them except for Dominion.

Now, honestly, I don't know what could happen if they decide that there are hundreds of thousands or even millions of fake ballots and the software was rigged to count more for Joe Biden than for President Trump or to remove voted from President Trump and give them to Joe Biden.

I would like to think that the election would be overturned by the Supreme Court, but I highly doubt that this would happen. They would still probably just allow Joe Biden to continue his presidency as illegitimate as it is.

But we know that Dominion played a HUGE role in all of the fraud, so much so that one witness in the Maricopa County elections ordeal testified that Dominion actually ran the entire thing. This isn't what should have been happening. The elections are to be run by the local government officials, not some third-party entity.

Jan Bryand testified before the Arizona legislature that Maricopa County officials did not run the election and that they didn't even have the passwords or access to any of the information, but two Dominion employees did.

Here is an excerpt from Jan Bryant's testimony:

….and back to my opening, I wanted to tell you that I do have a pretty strong project management technology background. This is not, I would say, everybody, raves about how we’ll run and how tight this room is that we were working in. I was in the (MCTEC) tabulation center. You know the glass (wall) and the servers in a glass room. All the computers are on a single cable that you can see. None of that matters because of two things. One, the Dominion employees were the only ones that were running any of that equipment.

So I’m, I was in the tabulation center six different days. Day and night shifts. And no county employees, no IT people, no one else was touching any of the software. They (Dominion) did all the training for the adjudicators, they ran all the reports. And so I brought this up on my very first day in the room. I said this doesn’t seem right, as a person with my background.  Never in a million years would I turn my company’s most important things over to someone else. And there’s only two guys (Dominion’s Bruce & John) and they had whole control of everything.

I also participated in the (2%) random ballot selection for hand audit. Picking the ballots, you know, determining which bins we were going to select. And even with that, Dominion ran the report for it (which bins to pull). So no one, I mean, they (Dominion) knew exactly what was in the hand audit boxes. That made me nervous also. And they also knew when we pulled the last box, which was probably eight days before they quit counting ballots. As a senior manager over big projects, never in a million years would I have allowed some of the stuff that I saw going on there.

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