BOOM! Election Investigation Finds Data Exported from Machines and Manipulated Offline to Get Desired Result

Anyone who says that there wasn't any election fraud is deceived, a liar, or ignorant of the truth.

We've been saying it since November. There was something going on with the election results and it's as clear as can be. While we haven't been able to "prove" any of it before a court is mostly just because they refuse to hear the cases, which is unbelievable to me.

Arizona has been a hotbed for some of the irregularities and not just in this most recent election.

There was some hardcore proof of fraud that took place in a 2006 election in Pima County in which a computer technician exported some election data from the voting machines and manipulated it offline. Then he uploaded the manipulated data back onto the machines to give them the results that they wanted.

Testimony shows that Bryan Crane was the primary Pima election computer technician and was quite familiar with the ability of the GEMS system to export election data and manipulate it off line. He had done so in 1996 election at the instructions of County Administrator Chuck Huckleberry. The audit log of May 11, 2006 had shown that 33 seconds after the election computer was opened that morning, Crane created a second “Day 1 backup” , erased the original and replaced it with this second “Day 1 backup.” Crane operated the GEMS software for ten years before the RTA election and this was not his usual process. Crane personally told key witnesses he “Rigged the RTA election”. As the lawsuit continued, Crane’s story began to change. The AG’s office accepted his fourth story under oath, without comparison to prior explanations. The AG investigators did not question any contradictory witnesses.

This is legit and there was even a movie that was made about it which you can buy from Amazon.

Sources: TGP

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