BOOM! Feds Consider Charging Hunter Biden with Multiple Crimes, Including Gun-Related Crime

Joe Biden’s son is a swindler. He always has been. Sadly, Hunter Biden also suffers from drug addiction. Drug addiction is a terrible disease that wrecks millions of lives, including entire families. However, it can never be used as an excuse for immoral or criminal behavior.

The son of the man currently occupying the White House may be guilty of both, and not just a few times. Hunter Biden’s checkered past is well-trodden news. Even though his drug problems were known, many of the serious charges were buried because of who he was.

A creep with a penchant for cocaine and hookers was not treated as others are. According to Page Six, Hunter Biden has made six trips to rehab for alcoholism and addiction. His most recent stint was in 2016, an attempt to overcome a crack cocaine binge.

But then, as recently as 2018, he was accused of smoking crack in the VIP section of Archibald’s Gentlemen's Club in Washington, D.C. Hunter Biden isn’t in recovery. He’s in compulsive relapse! But even Joe Biden may not be able to save his swindling son this time.

Through the discovery of a lost laptop computer, Biden’s criminal activities have been exposed. In fact, “the big guy” may be looking at an investigation into “what he knew and when he knew it.” Joe Biden has covered up for his son for decades, but maybe for good reason.

However, the opportunity to bury the crimes Hunter Biden is currently being investigated for may have passed. Sources say investigations into his crooked dealings may have reached a critical stage. The Feds are considering charging Hunter Biden with multiple charges.

The potential charges are said to include suspicious business dealings with multiple foreign countries and even gun charges. But Joe Biden may be more than just another addict enabler. He could be an accomplice.

While the investigation is not complete, some insist that it’s just a matter of time before Hunter Biden is indicted. We wonder how long it will be before the “big guy” joins him on the indictment list. Various tax crimes and possible foreign lobbying violations could involve “Papa Joe.”

Hunter Biden is a creep. He’s been able to avoid the penitentiary because Joe Biden is his dad. The entire Biden family is a crime circuit hiding behind a high-ranking public official. But Hunter Biden was the one that left his laptop lying around at a repair shop.

He was probably wasted out of his mind and totally forgot. But it’s beginning to look like a noose around the neck of his entire family. Reports of potential federal charges related to prostitution could ensnare other members of the Biden family as well.

Some caution that the Biden legal team could try to exploit Hunter’s ongoing drug addictions to secure pity. That’s a pitiful excuse. Drug addicts commit crimes every day. The normal drug abuser will face the consequences of his behavior. “I was high on drugs” is a lame excuse.

A drug addict may be sorry, but they’re still guilty. Hopefully, Hunter Biden will get help with his addiction problems. Addiction truly is an unfortunate disease to suffer from. Help should be readily available at whatever federal prison he gets sentenced to.

Most of all, we hope “Papa Joe” receives the punishment he deserves for being a culpable enabler and co-conspirator. Joe Biden is just as guilty as Hunter, and maybe more so. Possibly, a federal judge will show compassion and let this crooked father and son team share a cell.

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