BOOM! Full Flight Logs from Epstein's Private Flights To Be Released, Rich and Famous are Panicking

I know that we all know about how bad the Jeffrey Epstein scandal is. I don't even know if scandal is the appropriate word to use for a sex trafficking organization.

The flights aboard one of his private planes, which we know as being referred to as the Lolita Express had a lot of high-profile people.

Some of the names we already know such as former President Bill Clinton and Kevin Spacey.

Don't you find it interesting that sex offenders seem to gravitate towards one another? I can promise you that with Epstein involved, this is no coincidence.

Well, now it looks like we're soon going to learn all of the names that are on these flight manifests. Not just from the Lolita Express, but from all four of his helicopters as well as three planes. This is over 20 years worth of flight logs.

Logs for every flight made by Jeffrey Epstein’s aircraft over 21 years have been subpoenaed, “sparking panic” among his rich and famous pals.

The Attorney General for the US Virgin Islands, where Epstein had a home, has demanded logs for his four helicopters and three planes, from 1998 to his suicide last year.

Denise George has filed a lawsuit against Epstein’s estate, alleging 22 counts, including aggravated rape, child abuse, and neglect, human trafficking, forced labor and prostitution.

As well as the passenger lists, Ms. George is seeking any “complaints or reports of potentially suspicious conduct” and any personal notes the pilots made.

The subpoena demands the names and contact details of anyone who worked for the pilots or who “interacted with or observed” Jeffrey Epstein or any passengers associated with him.

It was just last year that we learned about just how often Bill Clinton had flown with Epstein (at least 29 times) most of the times that with underage girls on the plane. Could someone explain to me the purpose in that?

Then of course there's Prince Andrew who's days are numbered as long as they keep Ghislaine Maxwell alive.


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