BOOM! New Report Claims Massive Amount of Election Data Was “Deleted” and “Destroyed” By SOS’s Office and Dominion

The CEO of My Pillow, Mike Lindell, has been fighting to get the truth about the 2020 presidential election.

He has gotten others involved in his efforts and belief that things can be overturned, and one of the ways he has done that is by hosting a Cyber Symposium.

Those who were watching were shocked when Lindell brought out a special guest, a clerk from Mesa County, Tina Peters. The woman has been fighting for election integrity and has been witness to some of the fraud that went on in 2020.

Tina Peters has been trying to get to the bottom of the election ballots and which ones are and are not legit, but she has faced some big challenges. Colorado's secretary of state, Jena Griswold, is a democrat and is not happy with Tina Peters. She has even threatened her for allowing others to come into her office.

Tina Peters stands by what she has done, though, and says that she did not give out information that she shouldn't have.

Tina M. Peters states in her letter to the County Commissioners:

“Enclosed is the first report from the cybersecurity experts who have analyzed thoroughly the two forensic images of the drive of the DVS Democracy Suite Election Management System in my office which we used for the management of the 2020 election. Because the report documents a substantial amount of data destruction during the May 25 “Trusted Build” conducted by the Secretary of State’s office and the vendor, I wanted to get this in your hands immediately. I just received this report today. From my review of the executive summary, it does appear that my concerns were more than justified. As you know, the legal duty to preserve election records falls solely to me and my office. “Extensive” amounts of data required to be preserved were instead destroyed and done in a way that was totally beyond my control or knowledge. Among other things, these deletions would preclude a forensic audit of the last election. Thanks to the pre-Trusted Build image I had commissioned in May, these data have been preserved, in full compliance with my obligations under federal and state law, preserving the integrity of our county’s election record archive and permitting a forensic audit if no one were conducted. According to this report, the forensic examination has determined that this system and procedures “cannot meet the certification requirements of the state of Colorado and should not have been certified for use in the state.” Obviously, this is highly relevant to any decision whether to continue to use these systems in our county.”

Mike Lindell is doing all he can to keep her safe as she receives threats, and as they continue to fight for the real election results.

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