BOOM! President Trump Receives Prestigious Award

I don't think that it's unreasonable to say that President Trump is the greatest president that we've had in the last 100 years, even greater than Ronald Reagan.

Obama was obviously the worst we've had in the last few decades. He was definitely the most divisive and I think a large reason why things were so bad for President Trump.

George W. Bush was alright, Bill Clinton was okay, George H.W. Bush was alright, Ronald Reagan was the man, but Donald Trump was by far greater than all of these.

His potential was greatly limited because of Congress fighting him the entire time, but he was still able to achieve a lot in those four years. Sadly, most of it is being unraveled by the Biden administration piece by piece and he's dragging this country into the belly of the beast.

In a statement released by President Trump last week, he said:

Today, Donald J. Trump, 45th President of the United States, will be honored by Randy Waterfield of Waterfield Holdings and the YPO Gold NYC Chapter, which represents the world's top CEOs and executives, with their prestigious YPO Gold NYC Lifetime Achievement Award.


The award "serves as recognition for President Trump's extraordinary leadership, significant impact and commitment to the betterment of our Country," Randy Waterfield said.

This is the truth. You've got to remember all that President Trump stood to lose by running and becoming president of the United States. He could have just continued living in his luxurious homes, running his successful businesses, and everything else that comes with being a billionaire. But instead, he stepped out of his comfortable lifestyle to become the enemy of the liberals on a worldwide stage.

President Trump did this because he really and truly does care about this country and the future of it. Our children are going to be running the world in the coming decades and we need to make sure that there is something here that remains worth running. It's a republic, if we can keep it, but we're going to have to keep fighting to do so.

Photo Credit: NASA

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