Boy Born Without a Brain Gets Miraculously Healed

Often times I find myself writing about something and then stating that I've looked into matters like this in the past and this is another one of those times.

I am deeply passionate about studying the afterlife, consciousness, and our being. Some have argued that our brain is what makes us who we are and that consciousness derives from our brains.

Well, Jacob Phillips proves otherwise. Phillips was actually born without a brain. When he was born, he had hydrocephalus, and his head was filled with fluid. He only had part of a skull that was formed and absolutely zero brain.

At his birth, the doctors said that he wouldn't live for even one hour. This is a terrible thing for a parent to hear. Fast forward 44 years and he is still here with us. This man is a walking miracle. We all are, but this man even more so.

“I remember my grandmother telling me once that she told the doctor I wasn’t going to die. She looked him in the eye and said, ‘You don’t know what my God can do!'” Phillips said.

Grandma was right. God did amazing things in the life of Jacob Phillips. Phillips actually ended up growing a brain. This man was healed of something that was supposed to have been life ending. You can't live without a brain, right? Don't tell Jacob Phillips that because he won't believe you.

One of the nurses who was there when Jacob was born shared a message with Jacob years later, “I remember the baby without a brain. His head was shaped like a peanut. He had hydrocephalus. We transferred him to Ochsner’s Hospital in New Orleans. The Lord healed that child. The neurosurgeon called him a vegetable that day; I was infuriated! The baby’s head was so filled with fluid, doctors didn’t know if surgery would help. I think Jacob [Phillips] was 3 when his mom brought him back to see me. I wept that day! I am so thankful the Lord let me see His power.”


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