BREAKING: Another State Finds Serious Anomalies in Four Counties

The Breaking Maryland Voter Integrity Group has some serious questions following the results of their investigation.

The group has uncovered some deviations that they believe should be further investigated. The anomalies occurred in the 2020 presidential election.

The disparities may have had an effect on the final vote count of the election in four Maryland counties. According to their findings, the Democratic vote increase spiked to between 34-37% in the four targeted counties. The counties in question: Anne Arundel, Carroll, Frederick, Harford.

They addressed their concerns to the Secretary of State of Maryland.

A response came from Luis Borunda, the Deputy Secretary of State. Borunda said that these issues are handled by an independent Board of Elections and not his office.

The independent board is operated at the state level by the individual county's Board of Elections. This falls within the local and not state level.

A representative from the group responded to Luis Borunda and thank him for his reply. They ask him for the opportunity to further discuss the information in question. It is the belief of the Breaking Maryland Voter Integrity Group that a complete forensic audit be performed in Maryland.

“The unexplainable spikes in these four Maryland Counties is a call to action to chase down any inaccuracies and potential fraud that are eroding Americans’ confidence in our electoral systems,” Chair of the Maryland Voter Integrity Group, Robyn Sachs stated. “The data we are seeing signals that now is the time to act to preserve the American birthright of free, fair, and transparent elections for all.”

So now we have yet another state that we can add to the list of states dealing with fraud from the election.

Is this not enough funny business for our own government to say, okay, it's definitely time to do something about this? We now have at least Arizona, Georgia, Michigan, Pennsylvania, and Maryland who have confirmed fraud or problems.

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